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We lost one year, the things have deteriorated a bit. but it’s always the same, the same constant insecurity. But like I said, with security or insecurity we will do what is necessity for children and provide the security that is required of me.

Is he content and happy living in Afghanistan? // Speaking native language // Well, maybe life is hard… But what I’m doing is serving and serving in uniform, and that’s a pride, that’s a happiness for me. Okay. ♪♪♪ Okay. So now we’re just gonna head inside this local house here, and see how these people, this family lives.

This room here is for the guests, this is the usual thing that the guests don’t come inside the house, they stay here out of the house and they can stay here the night, and they can have tea and whatever they want with the family. We’re thinking to have another room built upstairs because our family is big, and we don’t have enough room.

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So they’re thinking about built a room, that’s why they built this stairs, // Speaking native language // So, this here is the tool room, where we put our things here. This is also our biggest room where we put our winter clothes, are summer clothes, anything that we would use later we storage here, we put it here.

So, we sit here, we eat here, this is the eating place. And this, on the right, is my children’s room, they sleep here, they study here, and this room is theirs. This is our kitchen.

-Thank you! -Long life to you. Mr. Doctor. ♪♪♪ We’re just heading out now… We have to keep these visits quite quick. Our security advisor told us that is Taliban within a one kilometer radius around here. So we got to… You can’t stay too long on one place. So I have given you a good glance into how locals live here.

Is that quite a standard house, Airon? That’s a quite standard house. Normally are 2 rooms with one guests house, and you can see that there not have too many furniture. And is that like middle-income kind of family or low? This is a low-income family who are living in a rented house, and the rent here would be not more than $5 or $10 a month.

We just arrived at the grand bazaar, it kinda looks like the entrance of a subway station. So, we’re going to go down and see the bazaar in here. So, this is more of the kinda middle-class shopping areas as you can see… It’s not the most interesting thing, it’s just a shopping mall, but I think is quite cool to show that here in Afghanistan there is still shops like this.

There’s a H&M; up here but I’m not convinced if it’s real or not. We’re actually heading to that Afghan wedding that I mentioned tonight, but we should gonna drive around the Blue Mosque here. We going to go there in the morning and have a look inside, but just on the way back to the wedding we’re gonna drive just in front of it and you will see how beautiful this big mosque is.

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Later that evening at the wedding hall… This is the main entrance where guests are coming in, and then they divided into male and female section. -Is this the owner here that we’re with? -What? -Is this the owner? -He is the manager of the hall… -Woao! -It is beautiful? Very beautiful! They can accommodate 25,000 people at one time.

And it’s a flourishing business, right? They get a lot of weddings? // Speaking native language // It’s good! Yeah! It happens like… Nowadays there’s a bit economic problem, and people is not financially that strong as before. So there is not many weddings but… Yeah! It happens! And the business is fine! -So we are the aliens right now from the wedding. -Oh! Yeah! For sure.

So this is how the bridegroom comes, the vehicle come… Right from here and they go down there on the stage, where they are received by the people. -Drive down on to the stage. -Yeah! On the stage. Woao! Well, I think you get the idea… This is one of the most elaborate things I’ve ever seen. It’s crazy! ♪♪♪ -This is the kitchen! -Okay! Where they getting the fruits, salad food, here… I’ve never seen anything so extreme in my life. I haven’t seen myself, seriously…

-Really? -It’s the first time that I see this. My wedding it was about like a hundred people at most, the love ones… But this is crazy! This is… Woao! And so… This whole thing is $ 10,000 USD. This is, I guess, more than $ 10,000 USD, could be $ 25,000 USD. A wedding at this capacity in the west would run into the hundreds of thousands…

Exactly! It’s worth! You saw before all the locals dancing and about them the groom was on the chair… And then they started throwing money at him… Real Money is thrown at the groom! There’s 1,000 people invited tonight. And then 1,000 woman are invited tomorrow. So, it’s all men here, and tomorrow will be all women.

All women… So, when it’s the actual… When the bride and groom come together… They do, they do… It’s different in each province. In Kabul you have even join weddings… They do everything together. -All this pots here are like this pot… -Yeah! Like this… ♪♪♪ So another huge day here, in Afghanistan. I spent the day by meeting the local families, and then look around the house…

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Quite interesting to see how people live and how much they pay for rent, $10 for that house. And to join the security forces there. We see the whole measles process work. That was interesting. Like I said I’m going to leave some information below if you want to check it out or if you want to donate a little bit of money…

And then that wedding was… One of the most strange thing I ever seen… A guy hanging about their friends dancing… While they throw money at him… Fascinating! And then they came and serve us so much food. It was… No way to explain. I hope by showing that wedding, that you see that is not all negative here, in Afghanistan, there are positives, there are positives. It’s not all domming and gloom.

The locas are very friendly. It’s very important to focus on this parts. Obviously is important to acknowledge the conflict, and the diseases and the mal nutrition, and things like that. But also is very important to hold on to hope. And I hope you can see the positive side of Afghanistan through this videos.

Tomorrow it’s gonna be extreme, getting up super early, super early… Going for more adventures here, in Afghanistan… Kinda explore more, so… Join me! If you want to see the photos from this trip, feel free to look at my Instagram. Here are some of the photos…

I’ll leave a link down below. And if you want to follow alone in a picture version… You can also do that! In case I don’t see you! Good afternoon! Good evening! And goodnight!

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