They’re making afghan dumplings with vegetables called Ashak, and also the famous afghan bread, Bolani.

So, what she’s saying is that this is a private enterprise, by a girl called Habiba, what she did was she saw that to many woman have some skills in cooking and other things, and they don’t have any place to have their own earning, so she decided to make this place with her own budget or their own expenses, without a host, so for them to come here, prepare food, sell them, prepare handicraft, sell them, and run their houses. 

-So we’ve seen the food and now this is like… -The handicraft. -Materials, fabrics, and things… -Yeah! The handicraft. How long has she had this shop for? //Speaking native language// -11 years, she’s running this shop.

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-Her business… I wish that there would be more assistance from the government in the private sector, and helping us expand, because 11 years ago I just started my business for $10, and now I filled it in 11 years… So, I’m happy, but with more support it would be better. So what’s it like being a woman in Afghanistan? Is it easy to live in this society?

Can you have freedom to starting your own business, and things like that? or is this an obstacles to overcome? //Speaking native language// 10-15 years ago it was very difficult being a woman in Afghanistan,      but now more women are finding it easier to work, to defining it more easier, to join the commerce, and join industries, and join education, sports…

So it’s much better compared to a decade ago, which is good, but more must be done, I’m a 70 years old so it’s fine for me to come here, but more young girls need to make these shops, and learn these skills and become businesswomen, so that’s a very good thing. Can you ask her… Has she sees the future of Afghanistan? In what direction? A positive or a negative direction?

So, I’ve seen so many deaths over the years, I’ve seen just recently… 9 people killed in my village, all working for the government, they were just massacred and then the government came and they dug the grave just side each other and they buried them, so many of youngsters have died, so many of our sons have died. And I’ve seen misery all my life so I hope that this will stop, I hope that no other mother would have to cry anymore. 

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So you can see many different stories of these people’s lives, some people who have lived in other countries and you see the older lady who’s seen some horrific things in her life, but overall the energy here is just really peaceful and calm, and it’s really nice to see… Some of the ladies were saying to us that they hope that we… That people see this video and then they come support their business because the only problem here is there’s not many customers.

I mean, we’re here and there’s not really anybody else’s apart from some kids playing here, and so they need the customers basically, so… If you’re in Mazar-e Sarif definitely check out the woman’s bazaar. Very lucky to be able to see these different places and all the… Such a varied country so far, so much to see. Could have spent hours filming in any location we’ve been to so far.

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Nice to see a spread of all the different kind of situations, and scenes, and people, different class levels, people in desperate situations, people in reasonably okay comfortable situations, but overall… You know, leering over everybody’s head is the… You know, the Taliban, and the constant security threats, and horrible incidents, there was more car bombs today in Kabul, they have many incidents a day. People dying on a daily basis pretty much, so… It’s heavy!

But at least with the women’s rights and things, things are developing. But, hopefully, things get better with the security.  All right! So I hope you enjoyed that day. I sure found it eye opening and equally as fascinating as pretty much every day in this country’s been so far.

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Just for end the video I just want to drive home the point of these little sachets here, again, basically a food and medicine mixed. It would be great if you guys can, if you’re in the position to, if you’re not, I completely understand and i’m not expecting you to put yourself out of pocket or anything.

But if you do have an extra… Any few dollars lying around anything will help, remember $ 10 will buy 30 of these. I kind of look at it as a meal, I know that’s not scientifically what it is, but this is essentially a meal. And it will bring the child from death’s door to being a healthy baby again, like you’ve seen.

These do change lives, if you do choose to donate, there’s no question a poor child out there will benefit. $10 for 30 meals essentially. I want to say again, UNICEF isn’t paying me to say any of this, they saw my videos, they asked me if I wanted to work with them, and it was an honor, because to work in a situation like this, and in dire circumstances where you’ve seen the children that they’re in serious need of help…

It was a real honor to be a part of something like that. So didn’t even have to think about saying yes. If you don’t want to donate or you don’t have the money, you can always share this campaign, this video, the link underneath the video on social media, and together…

It’s no joke, we can seriously save lives, so… We’ve seen the power of social media when it’s used for good, and it can be really quite beautiful when we all come together, we can really make big changes in this world.  Any donations pretty much guaranteed to contribute to save lives… -Yes! -Yeah!

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