We had one hour left, 60 minutes time was ticking Boom boom boom Hi Explorers, Morgan and Chris here and we are super excited to share with you This week’s epic adventure!

Think planes trains and automobiles And bonus buses and boats in the course of seven hours Isn’t that something? You’re a real trooper! This week We partnered with the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau to cover the epic event Be a Tourist in Your Own Town in Lansing, Michigan.

We’ve lived in Lansing for about five years now And we’ve never checked out Be a Tourist in Your Own Town because we thought that we had seen it all Yeah, we’re pretty involved in our own town we have Passes to the zoo passes to the museum we go to all the events around town So we thought we kind of seen it all we have taken the kids everywhere, but we were dead wrong.

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Dead wrong this is so cool because it really encouraged us to see what else was in our backyard that we Had no clue about it was totally under our radar so how it works is you get this cool little passport which we love and You go to all these different locations and the password is only a dollar and when you go to the different locations all these events are either free or Heavily discounted right?

Yeah, heavily discounted. And you can get passport stamps and you can enter to win contests different cool things like that It was really a good opportunity for us to see what was going on beyond the norm. I’m Jonah, that’s mom, that’s dad and that’s Jude. Nice! Can you say hi to everybody? Hi!  This is going to be stamped like 10 times Ohhhhh Bye…

Ok, let’s go, Jonah After getting our first passport stamp and some really awesome swag from the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau We decided to jump back in time and onto a real Ford Model T So cool. What do you say, Jonah? Thanks  You want to go first? How cool is this? Here we go (music) There is no breaks on the wheels.

Oh really? Hi Jude! Are you waving? Super awesome? Should we get one of these? yeah!  This is Jude, this is dad, that’s mom and I’m Jonah That’s right I know exactly who you are. You are a big star! Our next stop was the Lansing Airport and we are no strangers to this Airport because we dated before getting married for five years Back long distance back and forth.

Yes from one side of the Atlantic to the other and back and forth So it became like a second home for us So we were really excited to share this place with the boys because they hadn’t been yet and there was a lot of really cool Things out they could actually climb into a plane. We had some obstacles- Trains the weather mother nature was not having was she?

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At all, but we’re feeling lucky so we decided to push it This is the slowest moving train, I think I’ve ever seen (music) (music) (music) You are making me dizzy We did something cool. We are going on an adventure You’re going on adventures? You going to go see some airplanes? You can climb in one Does this bring back memories for you? How many times do we have to say goodbye at this airport? Like 10,000. I know!

I have chapstick too Say twinningOh cool Jonah! Thank you. ahhh that was good Jude! Severe thunderstorm warning? Yup (music) We got shut down They were not messing around they told us we had to get out and literally what less than five minutes? This happened! The storm actually caught up with us.

We really wanted to go to sailing for our epic adventure and that was not in the cards so we had to shift gears because I guess it’s not safe to do that in a thunderstorm so we picked up our passports and discovered an amazing little place called R.J. Scheffel Memorial Toy Project.

It was so amazing This was the best detour ever. It was probably my favorite part because the people were so sincere. What it is it’s a group of volunteers who make toys out of wood and a lot of it is donated in the community for kids that are disadvantaged and in need in crisis and they were so grateful to have us and show us around and it was just this really awesome Warm.

Yeah, even though we’ve got like a grand entrance in the rain, which is amazing! Perfect, perfect, let’s do the other one now Don’t hurt Tony okay? He’s our new friend! There you go. Now hit it hard! Opps. 

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