I’ll tell ya when to hit it hard Ok? There now that’s good! Wooo good job! Now, these are yours to keep! What! You get to keep those95 of them.

Wow! Oh my gosh and look at all the care that goes into them too!  Wow Jonah!  And that’s exactly why we wear those! Yeah, that’s a car Good job Jonah! Jonah is recently obsessed with the car wash it is so funny He’s actually asked to go to the car wash more than he’s asked to go to Chuck E Cheese More than he’s asked to go to the playground recently.

It’s hysterical So when the chance came up to go through a giant bus wash at the CATA maintenance facility. We couldn’t pass that up. No. But she had to sit this one out. Jude was sleeping. Kind of bummed.Got it? Good job. Hello! How are you? Good. How are you? Good. Say hi! Where do you want to sit? We are going on a bus On a bus?

Картинки по запросу Travel street

I think we’re going to go through a bus wash! We have 12 60-foot buses like the one we are on now. Ready to go through the bus wash? Are you scared? What is happening? Woah! Ahh! Look out the window, look! Wow, that’s kind of cool! This is a big car wash, isn’t it? I can’t even see all the guys! Wow!

The next stop was actually really sentimental to me and brought back a lot of fond memories as a kid growing up my granddad built these elaborate train sets and we spent hours just playing with these trains in his garage and it is When we saw that we had this opportunity to go to the Lansing Model Railroad Club with the boys We just couldn’t pass it up It was a cool opportunity For you to talk to the boys about your grandpa who since passed which is really nice And it’s also a really cool way to show the creativity that goes into this.

It’s really an art It’s so elaborate it really is. So it was an awesome experience! It looks awesome! It looks like a station up ahead! You ready? Do you think it’s made for model people too? (laughter) I think so! Which one is your favorite? The yellow one! The yellow one is your favorite? Oh my gosh, I love the yellow one!

We had one hour left 60 minutes time was ticking we wanted another stamp But not only that we were still reeling from the loss of not being able to go sailing So we flipped through our passport book and found out that there was a place called Burchfield Park in Holt That allowed you to go paddle boating funniest part of the whole day and let me tell you why! Chris which I never Knew before those unbeknownst to me had never been on a paddle boat!

This is your first paddle boat ride. I have not been on a paddle boat that I can recall Let’s go! How excited are you Jonah? This is your first paddle boat I thought when you said if somebody’s out on the other side, I’ll be doing circles. I was a little concerned about that Isn’t that what would happen? No- there’s a little shifter in the middle.

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You can go on it by yourself  I don’t know! I thought if there wasn’t two people If the other person was, you know pedaling You would just be going around in circles I am in the mud, look! (laughter) You take one- okay. This is a fun game I like this! A seed? Okay! Ready? One, two, three! Woooo [baby talk – counting] Yay! Make wishes You say something loud, Dad Something loud Dad alright, to get out we have to do it in reverse guys and then Jonah this how you steer.

Oh, wait we are still connected. Yeah, the first thing you have to do is you have to untie the paddle boat Yeah! Hi Jude! Say hi! Explorers thank you so much for coming with us on your adventure this week a huge Thank you to the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau for sending us on this adventure and Encouraging us to look so far beyond what we thought was in our backyard and we really hope that you’re able to either come with us and Participate in this or check out your own backyard and see what’s going on.

Yeah, we’d love to hear from you, too Where is the most amazing place that you found in your town the hidden gem never knew existed before hidden gem, what is it? And Please subscribe and ring that bell if you haven’t already so we can take you with us on our adventures every single week And if you love this videos, please, smash that like button See you next week. Adios! (Laughter) What? You used like 20 synonyms for “odd” “Thesaurus Chirs!” It is so… funny Jonah is… sorry go ahead! I just made weird eyes

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