Can I Afford to Travel Full-Time?/// Full-Time Travel Journey

They were super happy to collaborate with us giving us a good price and that’s on accommodation But we were also able to often get good deals on excursions All sorts of stuff. Transportation to the hotel, for instance, you might get that for free.

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Yeah. So we’re using that as a bargaining power as well boom boom boom Hi Explorers, Morgan, and Chris here documenting our journey towards full-time family travel. Now we recently announced that next year We’re going to put all efforts into trying to travel full-time as a family. And we have received a lot of questions asking Hey, how can you afford to do this and how can we do this?

So we decided to take a deep dive into our own plans and try to get the answer to that question for reaching out to Some of our favorite families that travel full-time So with a little help of my friends, we have prepared for you five ways to financially prepare for full-time travel.

Number one start earning an income online now we personally own a video production business and we’re hoping to shift gears with it and turn it more into an editing business that we can do remotely anywhere in the world and we’ve also been experimenting with some other forms of revenue that we’re going to be Discussing.

In future videos in more depth and more detail for you guys all of our travel friends said that the most important thing is just finding something that you’re really passionate about and figuring out how to Monetize it online. So that might be a remote position, freelance work or if you’re able to generate enough business yourself Just starting your own business Number two budget based on your current budget. Now.

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This one was really an aha moment for us We reached out to a family that we absolutely adored that travel full-time named the Krogels They gave us some really great budgeting advice They took the budget they lived on in, Texas Sold everything they own to eliminate all their monthly bills and put all of their budget towards travel Some places are going to be less expensive than others, obviously places like Southeast Asia you could probably live far below the budget that you anticipated so you can save that money and use that for travel to more expensive countries later on.

Number three live by the 25% rule. Now when you travel there are often hidden fees and prices that Fluctuate around the world like accommodation And flights and food and currency exchange to name a few and a lot of that you usually don’t think about so you’re not always Budgeting for it. So our friends at unsettled down.

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They had a really great tip They take their total monthly budget and then on top of that they add 25 percent extra to their budget to make sure that they are living a little bit more comfortably and they’re not totally shocked by all these unexpected miscellaneous items.

Number 4- cut down on major expenses One of the most expensive aspects of full time travel is accomodation This is true whether you have a home base or not So trying to find ways to minimize that cost is really important and our friends at unroot.

We do a really great job of that. Our favorite way to save money on accommodation is with house-sitting Yeah, so if you don’t know what house-sitting is It’s pretty much where you get to stay in somebody’s house for free while they’re away on vacation and take care of their home and animals and They’re all over the world and they’re not just in like random places.

We’ve done them in Colorado Springs. We’ve done them in Portland, Oregon, um So you can even go to like the real touristy spots and get houses and stay in that area for free.

As a videographer I see a lot of people in our space in the travel family space that are exchanging their services for accommodation, something that I would love to do, that we would love to do but I have never given much thought to volunteering services for accommodation.

You go to websites like work away and you Volunteer your time on like a farm or whatever work they’re looking for and in exchange they will give you a place to stay And sometimes even provide your food so that one’s really cool as well And once again they’re available all over the world Another way to cut down on cost is to travel slowly Unroot meat does a phenomenal job of doing this to save a lot of money.

If you’re doing Airbnb for a month don’t reserve your place if they’re not offering at least 40% off for the month Yeah, because you can definitely find them where they’re like 40 to 60 even sometimes higher percent off. So it’s a huge savings to wear like the nightly rate Maybe 150 bucks are seventy-five bucks, and you can cut it in half by staying For a month in an area.

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