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Bum-bum-bum Hi Explorers! Morgan and Chris here documenting this new chapter in our lives as parents and travel journalists that we have to call The Adventures of Jonah and Jude This week we got our fall on we went to, Charlotte, Michigan Fall is the best season, my favorite season.

(Song: It’s the most wonderful time) And every year we try to check out a new cider mill this year It’s been so long since we checked this one out Jonah was a super little when we found the country mill and he loved it. So we had to go back This trip was even better because now we are a family of four Yes Jude’s first time going there and it was super fun But not only that we had the opportunity to partner with a fellow travel mom Nadia She owns.

Tavel Boss which is super cool and she puts together bags full of activities that are scree-free for kids while they’re traveling and The boys had a blast it was so refreshing for them not to be begging for our phones or crying when their tablets died Hey guys, you excited for today’s adventure. Yeah! [Jonah] But wait a second I heard something at the door.

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Yeah, we’re going You think so let’s go did you hear Jude – he said “let’s go!” What is it? What’s that? Oh my gosh, do you think we could use those in the car? Yeah! [Jonah] Binoculars! Should we bring those on our adventure today? [Jonah] Yeah! Glasses! Are you kidding me? [Jude] Open, open! Should we open them in the car? [Jude] Sure. [Morgan] Sure. Okay Thank you Travel Boss! Are you so excited Jonah?

You love orange. We just went in the wrong way it was a great start don’t you think? Are you driving on the right side of the road too? But now we’re at the right place Do we luck out or what? I love going places where nobody else happens to be (beeping horn obnoxiously) Ok that’s enough. BEEEP Fall is all about food. For us at least.

Pumpkins, apple cider, doughnuts So the second that we got there the first thing that we did we went straight for the food He seems very very very unsure about this. I don’t think you come in here Why? Umm… I think she’s been here Is that real Johna? Jonah say oh my gourd! Oh my gourd! So Jonah if you want to buy this pumpkin you can but you just can’t have two hundred ninety seven dollars What do you think?

Would you rather have a pumpkin or Christmas Presents? Christmas Presents How many pumpkin seeds will it be? [Jonah] 5. [Chris- laughing] 5? Baby shark. Oh, that’s some like country moves right there little man! Cider bar! Say thank you. Sorry about that While he’s ordering? Let’s do it, let’s scare him- just totally spook him out Do you think he sees? Are you ready?

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I am so ready (laughter) Are you freakin out or what man? Oh my gosh, look at these I got two apples two pumpkin What do you think Jude do you like it so good or not? He said “not really.” Way better, thank just regular, way better! The perfect drink for kids is a slushie! Is that your first brain freeze? Don’t get mad, he didn’t do it to you! I want ice cream. You want ice cream? What do you say? Thank you! You’re welcome! I am going to share it with you!

So all the apples they come in the belt and they get washed and they come down here and they package them up After getting our food on inside we decided to head outdoors and explore outside it was kind of a slow day and If you know our family or you’re getting to know our family, we always try to make our own fun so we improvised a little bit… Where is Jonah?

I got in the pumpkins because I am so hungry. You are so hungry? He is going so slow (laughter) Hey guys! That’s a turkey, right? No? oh no! The city slicker strikes again Yeah, what planking was very like 2010 put your legs out like it really stiff Like you’re supposed to be like a plank like like pretend like you’re just a piece of wood Wow, you’re pretty bendy for wood too far (laughter) I broke it awww, hi!

Would you like some of your dinner? That’s what you’re gonna feed them for dinner? Sticks? It’s I’d be pretty mad if someone gave me sticks for dinner. [Jonah] No, they eat them. Is that crazy look? He’s like “I need braces” [Jonah] Here, here is your braces. [Chris] I’m sure that is what they are thinking.

I need braces Do you think they’re brothers like you guys? What do you their names are? Do you think their names are Jonah and Judy alpacas? The adventures of Jonah and Jude the alpacas, can you decide to shovel poop? Why is he biting? I asked for his boarding pass and he bit me He’s like OHHHHH and NOOOOO We’d love to check out new places and as a disclaimer, we have been to the cider before But we’ve never explored Charlotte as a town and definitely not the downtown area.

That’s not true I did use an ATM there once Doesn’t count So Charlotte is home of the drive-throughs. So this is that’s what they should put yeah, they should put that on like their indicator when you come into town like a drive-thru pharmacy, and then there’s a Drive-thru, what was that? Dry-cleaning?

Do you think that is a town that is all drive-thrus? I think this one is pretty close music Well putting around town we could not help but notice an old train station But it wasn’t just an old train station. They turned it into a Mexican restaurant, but it was so cool The kids are really into trains right now, really into Thomas.

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