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In addition to saving money on accommodation our friends The Forever Travelers Family sent us a video on how to save money by being flexible.

Which brings us to number five Be Flexible. Stay flexible. So we book late We’re not so particular about where we go more important for us is to spend the time together So it means that we we book late when the flights are cheap to different places and then we go there And we book accomodation late as well When prices are coming down and a pro tip on that is to book.

Whatever app you’re using booking or hotels Those are the two we are using book with free cancellation, which means you have the security of having something booked But then you can cancel that and jump over to a cheaper option when the prices go down And then there’s always the last-minute deals on these apps and they’re really what we go The forever.

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Traveler’s family also asked for flexibility from other people, which I thought was really interesting Bargain bustle on everything we’ve learned that everything really is up for negotiation Everything and anywhere even, you know place where it looks like odds spec prices here You don’t party anyway hotels two operators even in a restaurant You might get you know, like free drinks or something We haven’t done the stuff restaurants But you can always say hey do you have a good price for us today?

And at first, people will be a little bit surprised in some places, but they’ll always end up putting on a smile and say “okay, you can do something” and you end up getting at least 10% which is worth taking while your traveling Yeah, and one thing you should do is we didn’t know anything about social media before we started this trip, but developing a presence online.

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Has given us some bargaining power as well So with the help of all you guys who is in the travel community as well We’ve been able to put that to play and hotels are very interested in collaborating with with families like us with you because it’s an audience that they try to reach but that it’s not so easy to reach so We landed our first collaboration with only around three and a half four thousand followers We didn’t get in free stay, but we certainly got a very good deal on a five-star hotel that was Taking.

So I mean they were super happy to collaborate with us giving us a good price and that’s on accommodation But we were also able to often get good deals on excursions all sorts of stuff transportation to the hotel for instance, you might get that free and so we’re using that as a bargaining power as well Those are some awesome tips.

Thank you so much And thank you to all the travel families that took time out of their busy Travels to help us in our journey and this whole travel community That are all working towards full-time family travel and if you like this video and it is gonna help you, please Smash that like button and subscribe and comment down below. What topic do you want us to cover next?

We’re super excited to bring you along with us on our journey and to cover all the topics that you have questions on See you next week. Adios Jonah Frederick Hall that’s gross! Get your mouth off of that! Santa’s coming tomorrow how excited are you going to be? It’s Christmas Hey Jude do you want to get up? No!

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