NEPAL BHAKTAPUR Food Tour- NEWARI Breakfast (Part 2)

It is Thon or Chang I had drunk Chang at Dehradun fo the first time.

Rest everywhere in Assam they have different process of making rice beer It has a nice sour taste You get a slight sweetness at the end It is both sweet and sour But it is more sour Come let us taste the Choila So basically the meat is first smoked then chopped into small pieces then ginger garlic paste red chilli, salt and they have tempered it with green garlic Just amazing the salt is just right.

Salt is right and it is slightly spicy And it is perfectly complimenting the Chang when it was being made we thought it would be too spicy but the spiciness is quite balanced means there is a nice smoky flavour spiciness of the chili sauce A pungent smell and taste of mustard oil and some green garlic Amazing flavours How many Mugs do you drink?

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3- 4 mugs and then you will sleep here No will go to work The pronunciation is ‘Chaila’ In the Newari language it is Choila Is Aloo Tama ready? Yes give us to taste. Here comes the Aloo Tama This is bamboo shoot along with it there is potatoes This is a soup there is a tangy flavour It is due to the bamboo shoots What a nice smell it has. Absolute freshness This is Juju Dhai.

Juju Dhau In Newari language Juju means king Dhau is curd King Curd It has a creamy texture Absolutely like the Misti Dhai that people eat in Bengal The taste seems similar to me This has an earthy flavour as well Because it is set in earthen pots There is this nice dampness from the earthenware. Amazing taste If you come to Bhaktpur do eat the famous Juju Dhau Namaste Once her husband has got this home. To eat at home from the market.

And he told her that you make it like this okay And it turned out well They had started the shop with potatoes and flattened rice After a while They made this for those who can’t chew flattened rice Is this cooked? It is like a pan cake made with Urad and Moong Dal On the top they had broken an egg and have fried it from both the sides this is the plain one And with this there is Black Channa and fenugreek curry It is little spicy but very tasty wow Ultimate.

Just amazing It is great with the channa Mostly at Newari homes this is they make a stew of the meat And add it over it It is little porous due to the lentils so the pancakes absorbs the soup and the taste is different This is the same concept The channa is a thin gravy so when you add it the pancake absorbs the curry and that enhances the flavour Amma Very delicious This is nice as well This is like the dosa Yes it is like a dosa. It tastes like the south Indian Dosa You can call it lentil pancake Thank you brother.

Today was an amazing day We tried the local Nepalese breakfast and then did the Bhaktapur Food Tour And meeting Amma was today’s highlight We have one more thing to try That is Chitwan’s Taas. We will go to Kathmandu and taste it. I am up for it. At the end we have Nepal special Taas Come let’s taste it This restaurant is Bhetghat Meeting each other Bhet word is used in Bihar as well Come let’s introduce you to kamal ji Is he making the Taas.

Yes Ginger, garlic, garam masala and red chilli is pounded in mortar and pestle And the meat is marinated with it How many hours is it marinated for? 4-6 hours and only in mustard oil No other oil than mustard oil is used After that it is fried in mustard oil This masla will be added over the puffed rice The smell of mustard oil is amazing This is the edible Taas Not playing cards Taas Here comes our Nepal special Taas At Bihar’s Muzzafarpur, where I was born.

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It was a famous dish there meat was marinated on a griddle and then pan fried And along with it just like the puffed rice that has been served here there we used to get lightly toasted flattened rice and raw onions. That’s it.

And some of the masala There they didn’t fry the masala they gave a little of the semi dry gravy It feels heaven when you eat it Like they say that food is emotion, memories Even if you have eaten anything 20-30 years back, the memory stays life long Come let’s taste The famous Chitwan Ka Taas From Bhet Ghat they have given some salad here.

Cucumber, carrot, radish, onions. Then the Taas What is this? -Radish pickle puffed rice and this Masla One masla is in our country And the other one is this masla from Nepal The difference between the two taas is that the one available here has more oil in it.

There they don’t use much oil. They cover it so that it cooks in the steam they fry it in the griddle. -Yes they make it in the gravy form Come let’s try the mutton pieces first How is it? Does it reminds you of Muzzafarpur? -Yes This is a little salty. Because it is salty, they have served it with puffed rice to balance the flavours The meat is mixed with mustard oil ginger, garlic, red chili, garam masala and some turmeric.

That is it And I personally feel that the taste of mutton is best when it is cooked with mustard oil I like it that way I enjoy it with mustard oil In muzzafarpur, do they use this same mustard oil? Yes Bihar, Bengal, Odisha In the Eastern part of India mustard oil is used for cooking Nepal shares the border with Bihar So there is a lot of influences in regards to food Like the black channa that we were having In Bihar people eat it a lot with Flattened rice and puffed rice

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