Yoga Capital of the World – Rishikesh l An Introduction to better, balanced and healthy lifestyle

See in the field of Yoga I have spent nearly twenty five years.

So I have dedicated my life in the way or in the path of spirituality See in India, in the minds of people It has been fed that Sanyas(renunciation) or any person living in the Ashram or taking sanyas or going in the spiritual path People think that a if someone is practicing sanyash Then he has left his house, his work and come to stay in Ashram But Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy is not like that. You have gained your knowledge.

Okay and you do everything You run a guesthouse, business. You do everything. But your main aim should be you are working for the divine That is what is called karma yoga in Bhagwat Gita Morning 5 o clock the bell will ring At 6 the classes start. Then again 8 to 9. Again breakfast Again lunch okay Again dinner So you are mentioning about the TTC course.

Yes Those who have enrolled practice different classes from morning till evening. What kind of classes happens in that All kinds. Like know the class that is going on is Hata Yoga After that there is Vinyasa flow. Then Philosophy and meditation After that Yoga alignment. After that we teach give information on Ayurveda and treatment Information and how to live.

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That is about Ayurveda We teach about sound healing So all these subject comes under the total TTC course One message that you would like to convey to people Through us, about Yoga, Spirituality For those who can,t come here but would like to participate What can they do?

See Yoga is completely lifestyle The meaning of yoga is a lifestyle So people understand it in different ways But the main aim of Yoga is to change your lifestyle And everything that we are doing here We are only doing to change our lifestyle So how to change our lifestyle? If we want to change our lifestyle I comes into three part No.1.

It comes in a mental level Number two it comes in a vital or emotional level Or third it comes in a physical level So in three level we have to change ourselves. And to build up our lifestyle If you go to physical level So through different asanas, exercise, walking everything jogging whatever is needed for the physical.

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You have to adopt to build up your physical health in a proper way It is needed again you come to vital health or that is called emotional health So for emotional health or vital health If you want to build up then you have to do the breathing exercise Pranayam So that affects both your mind and emotion. So we build our vital health through Pranayam I have now been practicing for twelve to fifteen years.

To practicing Pranayam And I know even this is a … This is a concrete proof that I am standing there. Can you tell me what is my age? Thirty five, forty. -I am now forty eight. So I am a living example So it changes your thought. It changes your health It changes your appearance what they call through Pranayam, you reduce your age So this is the living example It is amazing.

Now many people are there who have done research also because Pranayam helps both your mind and health So you have to understand the vital health through breathing exercise or Pranayam And next you come to mind. For mind you have to… that both Prnayam it will help and also When you practice meditation Meditation means you have to completely observe a single object Suppose you observe your breath So your other thoughts are wiped out.

In the cities, people are rushing day and night, there is so much stress from morning till night. Stress in the traffic and stress at work So how can that be reduced? This you can only solve in two ways. One you have to practice breathing exercise and within twenty mins I give them results Any stress person you bring me.

I give them om only twenty mins of practice After twenty mins of practice he will tell you how he feels This you can experiment on me Because for twelve years I am experimenting and also I am doing So at least that 100 percent stress is reduced to 70 percent Within the twenty minutes of practice By breathing exercise.

Yes in just the first day. Then think If he do it for three month If he do it for four month you think what will happen And second thing is that you have to At least to atleast to understand the mind you have to gain the knowledge And that knowledge you gain through Bhagwat Gita This is what I have practiced And Bhagwat Gita I have read four to five times with different authors and after reading My gist is, I conclude That after reading that Two things for the beginners The explanation of Shivanand ji Maharaj.

Swami Shivanandji, that explanation for the beginners he can read After you read completely one time or two time Then you read the Gita of Sri Aurobindo’s explanation Then it is amazing We mostly serve natural food Like upma Dalia This Dalia is served everyday Like the Kheer So for the international visitors we try to keep it natural as much as possible Their bodies can’t resist oil, chillies and masalas So these have very less masalas.

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Yes very less It has very little oil Only the amount required… Very less oil. We should serve them natural food Most of the food should be natural like fruits Fruits are served daily Does the menu changes every day. -Yes the menu gets changed. Like today you have Poha. The other day you have Idli some other day you have masala dosa So three four days we serve natural food One or two days we give Aloo paratha You serve that as well.

Aloo Paratha, Puri sabzi. It is to maintain the balance And what about tea and coffee. Tea is served. -We mostly serve green tea. Lemon tea, ginger tea or green tea The food is completely co related with our mind About this things have been very elaborately explained in our ancient scriptures. And Anna is also called Brahma Our cultural heritage is so vast you can’t even imagine Our sages have termed it as Brahma The Brahma that we are seeking.

So the thing that we are getting energy from atleast before consuming it one should calm down his mind So before eating calm down the mind for two minutes without thinking of anything. And then start eating. This thing is known as food meditation Yes that is the modern term Food meditation is like when you are having the food then it should be you and the food only.

There shouldn’t be mobile or TV in between Not even any thoughts Muesli and Dalia( broken wheat porridge) Kheer Potato and tomato sabzi And Poha And along with this fruits-water melon and apple Live within Always live within We mostly live outside our self Twenty four hours three sixty five days Everything is inside us What kind of diet shall an individual follow?

First and foremost in empty stomach it’s important that in empty stomach you take Aloe Vera or Amla Juice if feasible If that is not possible then take any fruit juice Or else take some fruits So never ever eat anything spicy and rich in empty stomach It breaking the fast and your stomach is empty for such long time So it is important to take care of what thing is first reaching your stomach.

Totally a light healthy and wholesome breakfast It was so nice for speaking to us and sharing so many information We are feeling empowered after meeting you Its hardly been an hour since we have met and you have shared so many information And that too you explained everything in a simplified manner That what is Yoga. You explained it in three part. And that we should follow it in our daily lives And Keep things simple

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