A homeless man who had only one friend, a police officer, passed away with his friend holding his hand…

When you look at this photograph of a young lady caring for a fragile, old man in the hospital, you would imagine that she was his adoring granddaughter, there to say her last goodbyes to a cherished family member. But this is not the case.

The fact is that she is a police officer and is not linked to him in any way. In everything but name, Lawrenceville Police Officer Dena Walker Pauly is the man’s granddaughter because of her love and loyalty to him.
Bob and the Georgia officer met for the first time two years ago when the workers of a nearby pawn store asked for help. Although it could be said that Officer Pauly was the one who rescued him, meeting this guy impacted her life in profound ways as well.

‘The reality is that this woman works as a police officer, and she first met Bob while on duty only two years ago. A call to a pawn shop in Lawrenceville, where the employees were confused how to help him, altered the course of Officer Dena Walker Pauly’s life forever.

Poor Bob, who grew up without a family and, according to all accounts, had been on his own since he was a child, had a difficult time.

‘He had been homeless for the most of his life, and a stroke left him unable to speak. The terrible experiences that made up his life are linked to poverty and loneliness.’

Officer Pauly wasn’t sure what she could do to help Bob when she got to the pawn shop, so she offered to drive him back to his house. Bob accepted. It was in that location that she understood exactly how impoverished his living conditions were in reality.
‘Although she may have been sent out by police radio on that particular day, we have no doubt that she was truly sent by God.’

She quickly got to work teaching Bob the fundamentals of life, such as how to effectively deal with waste in the trash bin rather than on the floor. Officer Pauly made sure the guy had enough food to eat, and she visited him on a regular basis to assist him in cleaning his living space.

After Bob had a stroke, she applied for and was granted the right to make decisions about his medical treatment.
In the tough choice to initiate hospice care for Bob, Officer Pauly stood by his side and told him numerous times that she loved him. Perhaps she’s the only person to ever say those exact words to this poor man.»

This photograph captures the actual character of law enforcement officers. ‘We are driven to this job because we are passionate about it. We care so profoundly that it might be painful at times. Not only do we see the worst, but we also witness the greatest from time to time. And we have the opportunity to actually make a difference in the lives of others.’

‘It is with a sorrowful heart that we must inform you that Bob passed away early this morning. While the loss of a loved one is always heartbreaking, it is the love and care that he got from Officer Pauly that allows us to smile knowing that he is now in a much better place.’

Following a request from the Gwinnet County Sheriff’s Office, a local funeral house graciously volunteered to take care of Bob’s funeral arrangements at no charge.

Even though Bob did not have a family for the most of his life, he was fortunate enough to find a kind heart in Officer Pauly and the greater community in general.

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