A firefighter adopts the baby he delivered during a rescue call

In the state of South Carolina, in the United States, an extraordinary story happened. In 2011, firemen responded to a call from a pregnant woman who had been experiencing severe abdominal pain at the time. The ambulance did not have enough time to arrive to her, and firemen who have had specific training was capable of delivering babies.

Mark Hadden, the hero of this story, was a member of the brigade. When they arrived, they discovered that the woman was in the process of giving birth. Because it was too late to transport her to the hospital, Mark started the process of giving birth to the baby.

Everything went according to plan, and Hadden was able to hold the baby girl in his arms. He was completely unaware that he was holding his future daughter in his arms.

The mother abandoned the baby when she was admitted to the hospital, claiming that she would be unable to provide for and raise her.

After three days, Mark and his wife took the newborn baby into their care, and a year later, they legally adopted her from her biological parents. There were two other children in the household, in addition to her.

Rebecca is the name of the beautiful girl, who is already five years old. She gets along well with her brothers, who are 12 and 14 years old, and they are her best friends.

Rebecca is aware of how she came to be. If you question her about it, she will tell you that her father helped her in being born. The girl’s curiosity grows as she grows older, and she asks more questions. Her parents want her to be aware of the reality from an early age, so that she will not be surprised when she discovers she has been adopted as an adult.

The parents adore the girl as if she were their own child. Mark points out that children may be adopted from other families from time to time, but this is not a reason to love them any less.

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