Cher helps in the release of an elephant that has been caged in a zoo for the last 26 years

The release of a 35-year-old Asian elephant from a zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, after many people and celebrities called for the animal to be set free from his solitary zoo life: Kaavan, a 35-year-old Asian elephant originally from Sri Lanka will now be moved from the Murghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, to a sanctuary after many people and celebrities called for the animal to be liberated from his lonely zoo life:

Cher was drawn to Kaavan because he was alone and had no other elephants to play with. When Kaavan’s freedom was announced by Pakistani officials on Thursday, May 21st, Cher expressed her joy by using emojis and an all-caps emotional tweet to express her relief.

Cher has recently become a big advocate of Kaavan. Cher first heard about Kaavan a few years ago. After his partner, Saheli, died in 2012, Kaavan became one of the world’s loneliest elephants, with no friends.

Cher was moved to tears by the condition of this unfortunate elephant. She could see that his living quarters were inadequate for him. She was bothered by the chains and the unclean-looking pond where he was meant to be having a good time.

For the campaign to free Kaavan from the Islamabad zoo, Cher joined with Free the Wild, an animal rights group, in order to raise awareness of the issue. Together, their combined power helped Kaavan achieve his freedom after spending many years alone, and at times even in chains at various periods in his life.

The good news came to her in May of 2020, when she was informed that her goal had been accomplished. The issue had been resolved in Kaavan’s favor by the high court in Islamabad, and he would be re-homed to a sanctuary with the assistance of the High Commissioner from Kaavan’s own nation of Sri Lanka, according to the court’s decision. Finally, Kaavan, a 35-year-old elephant, will have other elephants to bond with.

She never forgot about Kaavan, despite the fact that it took four years to win his release. She expressed her thanks to the Pakistani authorities for securing his liberation from the zoo and transfer to a sanctuary that would be agreed by Pakistani and Sri Lankan officials before June 21st.

Have you heard about Kaavan the elephant? Watch the video below!
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