When a joyful dog reunites with its owner after two years apart, it collapses from happiness…

When a Schnauzer called Casey was reunited with her owner after a two-year separation, she ended up falling from sheer delight after the happy reunion.

Rebecca Ehalt, the owner of Casey’s in Pennsylvania, was offered a position in Slovenia two years ago. While she was overjoyed by the prospect of going to Slovenia, she was also aware that doing so would mean saying goodbye to her beloved 9-year-old dog.

Rebecca ultimately packed her belongings with a heavy heart, deciding that Casey should remain with the rest of the family in Pennsylvania.

Rebecca went two years without seeing her dog in Slovenia. In dog years, two years equal fourteen years, so it must have seemed a lot longer for Casey. As a result, when Rebecca ultimately went back to Pennsylvania to marry her husband in her hometown, she was clearly overjoyed.

When Rebecca returned home, she couldn’t wait to meet Casey, who was overjoyed to see her loving owner again. Fortunately for us, Rebecca’s relatives captured the heartwarming reunion of the dog and its owner.

Casey begins wagging her tail as soon as she sees Rebecca, jumping up on her and smothering her in doggie kisses. Casey then falls on the ground and seems to be passing out as the thrill gets a bit too much for her.

Rebecca brought Casey to the vet soon after it to make sure he was alright. Fortunately, the vet told the family that the dog was OK and that it had most likely been overjoyed by the reunion.

We’re relieved to hear Casey is well and that she’ll be able to spend time with Rebecca; they’re such a lovely duo!

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