Millions of people have watched as a loving dog bids farewell to her owner, whom she will never see again…

When Ryan Jessen, 33, was suddenly struck down with a severe headache, he assumed he was suffering from a migraine. However, the pain turned out to be something else. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that Ryan’s headache was being caused by a ventricular brain hemorrhage, and he was rushed to Rideout Memorial Hospital where he was battling for his life for the rest of the day. Even though Ryan’s life was in danger, the staff wanted to go above and beyond to make the family’s situation a bit less broken while they grieved.

Ryan’s dog, Molly, was a significant part of his life, and Ryan’s family was well aware that his death would be devastating to her. In order to say farewell to her owner, they were allowed to bring Molly directly to his hospital bed with the approval of the medical personnel.

Ryan’s sister, Michelle Jessen Gold, chose to record the moment Molly arrived to say goodbye so that the family would remember it forever. Her video, which she had only meant for friends and family to see when she shared it on Facebook, quickly went viral and touched the hearts of people all over the globe.

Michelle said that Rideout Memorial Hospital had done the sweetest thing for her and her family. They let her bring her brother’s dog in to say goodbye, so she could understand why her human didn’t come back h

Ryan’s face is covered by a series of tubes that assist him in breathing, but Molly clearly recognizes her owner. Her expression indicates that she is puzzled as to why he is laying so motionless, yet it is as if she has sensed the intensity of the emotions present in the room, as she seems extraordinarily quiet and sad. Ryan’s mother and father cry out, “Bye bye, daddy Ryan,” while the rest of the family holds back their sobs. It’s enough to make our hearts hurt for the family.

Michelle and her family were astonished by the outpouring of love and support they received from strangers all around the globe in response to her heartfelt video, which she posted on the Internet. 

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