After seeing the poor state of an old woman’s house, an electrician sets out on a quest to repair it for free

A simple phone call to an electrician evolves into a remarkable gesture of generosity.
Gloria Scott, of Woburn, Massachusetts, had lived in her home since the 1960s. Throughout the years, it had fallen into disrepair, but it wasn’t until a light fixture began to ignite that she realized she needed to call in some professional assistance to replace it.

She made the correct decision.
Gloria contacted John Kinney of Kinney Electric, who responded immediately and came out to help her. He was able to repair her ceiling light, but he couldn’t help but notice that the home required much more than just electrical work. Gloria was unable to finance renovations to her house and was unwilling to seek assistance from others. She was fortunate in that she would not have to.

‘There are no lights, and there is no running water… The experience stayed with me throughout the weekend, and I decided that I needed to go back.’

Kinney returned to Gloria’s and immediately began working for free.

There was so much to do that Kinney created a Facebook group titled ‘Nice old lady needs help’. Others in the area, he hoped, would read the message and decide to pitch in to assist. The feedback he received was overwhelming.

Soon, the whole home would be completely remodeled.
Although he said on the website that they were not attempting to reconstruct her whole home, when John was interviewed by CBS Evening News, he smiled and admitted that they were ‘now that it appears like we are trying to rebuild her entire house.’

John Kinney has brought a community together as a result of his efforts.
Upon hearing that John had continued to assist her, Gloria was overcome with gratitude. It was Gloria who told the CBS Evening News, ‘Please don’t touch me because I don’t want to wake up.’

Soon after, construction teams began arriving at Gloria’s home to help John in his endeavors. None of them asked for anything in exchange for their services. Someone was in need of help, and they were on hand to provide assistance in any way they could.

The renovation was a huge task.
All of the home’s electrical and plumbing systems were replaced, as well as the walls, ceilings, and windows. For this group of extraordinary people, the amount of time and energy invested was well worth it.

A committed and compassionate group.
Gloria’s porch was totally rebuilt as well, and the construction team worked diligently to finish it all at no expense to Gloria. A worker told CBS Evening News, ‘It’s what you’re meant to do.’

Now watch the video to see the amazing gesture of charity.

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