Twin baby sisters battle for purple pacifier in a cute fight… Watch the video here…

Identical twins are recognized for their strong bond and are often close. But just because they’re thick as thieves doesn’t mean they can’t have a quarrel every now and then!

The two infants in the video below understand exactly how it feels to “argue” with their twin sibling. It’s all about a purple pacifier in this situation.

Normally, when you think of twins, you think of ‘two of everything.’ There are two cribs, two car seats, and two strollers, yet these infants demand the same pacifier.
They’re sitting on the carpet, and one of the girls is chewing on it. ‘Hey…,’ the other twin could be thinking as she looks at her sibling. ‘Hey… I wonder what she is thinking about?’

All of us have our favorite things that provide us with comfort and happiness. Many newborns like their bottles, their blankets, and their pacifiers, among other things.
With no one wanting their belongings taken away, it is natural that the little peanut in the video is angry when her pacifier is removed. Trying and failing to retake control, she cries in frustration.

However, this is a game that may be played by two people. Eventually, she is able to remove the object from her sister’s mouth, restoring order to the situation. She places the item back in her possession, and life is good…at least for the time being.

The twin on the right, who is pacifier-less, can’t keep the tears back as she watches her sister enjoy the purple binky. Consequently, she makes the decision to attempt and get it back! Hopefully when they are older, they will not argue over clothing and men in the same way.

She ultimately succeeds in grabbing it away from her left-handed twin after a number of unsuccessful attempts. As you can expect, though, it results in a great deal more misery and sorrow.
Sucking on their pacifiers provides comfort for babies, and according to the Happiest Baby website, “sucking” may help to reduce stress levels as well as blood pressure and pulse rate.

When you consider how calming pacifiers can be, it’s no surprise that these little ladies were so desperate for one! It’s possible that the fact that there was only one purple binky around caused them to “fight” over it in the first place.

Watch the adorable video here:

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