A dog rushes to the rescue of a dying man in an effort to save him… You’ll be surprised by the video…

Dogs are fascinating, clever creatures. When they detect danger, they always rush into action to save the day… even if we don’t need them to.

Recently, some actors discovered this when they put on a performance that was a bit too genuine and a dog took the stage and stole the show.

Recently, an actor by the name of Numan Erturul Uzunsoy appeared in an outdoor theatrical play in Turkey, where he had to pretend to be wounded in one of the scenes.

‘The character I portrayed had been wounded and was in a lot of agony,’ he said to The Dodo. He’d fallen from his horse and was struggling to breathe.’

However, his act seemed to be incredibly convincing, as at least one member of the crowd believed it to be real: a stray dog!

The dog, who seemed to be unfamiliar with the theater, appeared to believe Numan was seriously injured and rushed over to check on him.
Seeing the dog licking the actor’s face, the actors couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

‘I was overjoyed when I felt the dog’s kisses,’ Numan said later. ‘I was moved to tears by what happened. He was like an angel who want to be of help to me. It was a really emotional experience for me. I was completely unprepared for that.’

The crowd apparently enjoyed the scene, and the players were moved by the dog’s compassion. A member of the crew took the dog off the stage so the play could go on. It looks like the dog walked away again, so the show had to be stopped.

Turkey is known for its compassion towards stray animals, and it seems that the street dogs will repay the favor by helping those in need. Meanwhile, Numan says he’ll try to rescue the dog if he can find him.

‘The following day, I returned to the same location in search of him. People informed me that’s where he normally hangs out. I’m going to look for him until I locate him. I’ve always been fond of animals.’

Even though it was just a scene, we believe this dog deserves to be recognized as a hero! Hopefully, his new companion will be able to assist him in finding a permanent home!

Watch the video below to see that beautiful scene:

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