Dad doesn’t want to wait for his 7-month-old daughter’s wheelchair, and does something else…

Parents of Evelyn Moore were short on time and couldn’t afford to wait to see whether their insurance would pay the cost of a pediatric wheelchair.

They were in desperate need of one immediately.
As a result, Dad built one for himself for $100 using guidelines he saw on Pinterest.

‘There weren’t many alternatives open to us,’ said Evelyn’s mother, Kimberly Moore, who spoke to the media about her daughter on ABC News.

‘We were more concerned with keeping my daughter alive when she was diagnosed than with obtaining the insurance to cover the cost of a wheelchair.’ We saw something on Pinterest that Brad [my husband] thought he could make, so we went ahead and did it. It was built in a matter of days or perhaps even hours.’

Evelyn was born paralyzed below her arms as a result of a spinal tumor, and she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of four months.

Fortunately, she was able to go into remission, although doctors advised her to wait until she was 2 years old before being fitted with a wheelchair.

That didn’t go over well with Mom and Dad.
When she was one year old, Evelyn was zooming about in her wheelchair like crazy.

‘She’s not afraid of anything,’ Kimberly Moore added. In her wheelchair at the top of a hill, she’ll let go and throw her hands in the air, only to catch herself when she reaches the bottom.

She’s a sweet, innocent child. After going through so much, she’s simply trying to go back to what she thinks as a regular life.’

Evelyn’s life has been transformed by the chair.
Stollery Children’s Hospital pediatric oncologist Bev Wilson said the child was ‘very delighted’ after receiving the treatment.

‘She travels about and sees nurses she wishes to see as well as other children.She knows everyone and everything. It has enabled her to be more mobile in ways that she would not have been able to be otherwise. She is given the opportunity to investigate anything she desires. She’s just like any other baby, except that she’s a lot quicker.’

She’s having a great time running about in freedom.
Evelyn’s parents were even forced to put up a speed bump on their driveway.

Watch the video below:

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