A huge lion greets visitors in the safari park with a warm and cuddly embrace… Tap here to watch the video…

When they went on a tour to see some animals, visitors were in for a big surprise. A very big cat gave them free cuddles.

The video was uploaded on YouTube, showing how a massive lion decided to greet the visitors with his presence. The big cat walked up to the vehicle and climbed inside to the guests.

The cat climbs into everyone’s laps, attempting to squeeze his big body onto the men and women, who are now stunned by its behavior.
Sure, he’s the king of the jungle. Given the proper training, one of the world’s fiercest predators and a constant favorite among children becomes simply another cuddly cat.

Would you let a lion snuggle with you?

The strong, compact bodies and powerful forelegs, teeth, and jaws of these 4 foot tall and 10 foot long predators, which are suited for dragging down and killing prey, are nature’s way of telling you not to mess with them.
However, a massage on the head and a hug on that massive body seem to be enough to calm them down.

When cameras record lions in action, they provide one of the coolest, most iconic scenes when they eat enormous creatures weighing 100 to 1,000 pounds, such as zebra and wildebeest.

Will canned cat food sufficient for this friendly lion?

‘That is the most stunning sight I’ve ever seen. I haven’t smiled like that in a while. Take a look at how the universe purrs and hums with pure love energy. It’s amazing how when scarcity is gone, love takes over,’ adds a witness.

This lion is just interested in making new friends. It’s likely that they aren’t the first people he’s come into contact with!

Watch the video below to see that cute video:

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