A woman whose arms were amputated after being attacked by dogs is still fighting for her life…

Kyleen Waltman, of Honea Path, South Carolina, is fighting for her life after she was bitten by three dogs while going home on March 21.

Kyleen’s family shared a tragic update on her condition on social media, stating that ‘prayers are working’.

After being severely mauled by a trio of dogs on March 21, Kyleen Waltman, 38, a mother of three from South Carolina, is still battling for her life.
As reported by the news media, the dogs were still mauling her when she was rescued by a nearby farmer who fired his gun into the air to disperse the dogs.

Associated Press said that Kyleen’s sister, Shenna Green, informed them that the dogs were living on a property that had a “Beware of Dogs” sign posted on it. The warning had been placed by the owner as a result of the dogs’ previous violent behavior.

When deputies got on the scene, they discovered Kyleen in a critical condition. She was airlifted to the hospital after suffering severe injuries. Unfortunately, the doctors had to act quickly, and as a result, both of her arms were amputated, as well as her colon.

“She didn’t deserve it,” her sister Shenna expressed her disappointment. “She was a good human being. She was of help to everyone.”

Another sister, Amy Wynne, has put up a GoFundMe page to support Kyleen and her family with the growing medical bills. On Monday, April 4, she sent an update in the form of a letter, which read:

The dog’s owner was arrested and charged after the attack. Justin L. Minor has been recognized as the owner of the dogs.

The owner was spotted sobbing in the courtroom as the accusations were read to him. He was freed after posting a $15,000 bond.

The Abbeville County Animal Control Unit was sent to the site, and all three canines — two pit bulls and one mixed breed – were seized, according to the sheriff’s office.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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