An 11-year-old boy who has been abandoned both by his biological mom and his adoptive family, finds a miracle on his way…

Most of us believe that adoption is permanent after the papers are signed, but as one unfortunate child discovered in a very terrible manner, you can easily cancel your child’s adoption just like you can cancel your Netflix membership.

The little child had no clue that, after seven years with his adopted family, his ‘family’ was seeking for a way to abandon him as if he was of no value.

Sadly, all of that came to a stop seven years later when Anthony’s parents brought him to the hospital for no apparent reason and dumped him like garbage.

And, get this, everything they did was perfectly legal!

All the promises of a happy family were shattered, and this little kid was left alone, abandoned, terrified, and emotionally broken.

After driving away from the crime site, his ex-parents never glanced back to see what they had done. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time the cruel couple carried out a ‘fake parent’ charade! Several years ago they did the exact same thing with their other adopted son.

Fortunately, a hero by the name of Peter Mutabazi intervened to help in rewriting this child’s story!

When Peter initially started his adventure as a foster parent, he took in two boys who would have a profound impact on his life. Additionally, they shifted his perspective on how much a person might really love another human being.

Unfortunately, Family Court determined that the boys should be returned to their biological parents seven months after they were put in his care. Peter was devastated, and he was unprepared for the goodbyes that were to come.

You see, despite the several hours of training he had gone through to become a registered foster parent, there was nothing in the manuals that prepared him to cope with a quick split like this one!

On the way home from court, Peter came to the realization that these boys would be able to spend the rest of their lives with their biological family. Despite the fact that the thought brought him a great deal of happiness, it did little to relieve the pain he was experiencing in his heart.

And it’s for this reason that Peter first turned down a request to foster an 11-year-old boy named Anthony ‘only for the weekend’. Because it had only been four days since he’d lost his foster children, the feelings of love and sadness were still too vivid in his mind. In order to mourn properly, he needed more time.

His social worker, on the other hand, had a way of persuading him by talking about “the right kid at the right time,” which meant that the room Peter had set up for his foster children would not be empty for long.
It was supposed to be permanently overflowing with love!

Peter had no idea he was about to meet the boy who would take his last name and start calling him ‘Dad!’ at the time.

Peter was raised in a remote, impoverished community on the Uganda-Rwanda border with an abusive father. His traumatic childhood experiences instilled in him a strong desire to build a brighter future for all the children who deserve more from life.

Peter chose to commit his life to the greater good by becoming a foster parent when his real estate firm in Oklahoma began to thrive and he could afford to take care of a few of kids.

He expected it to include temporarily caring for children whose parents were unable to do so, but then Anthony appeared ‘just for the weekend’.

And it was at that point that Peter’s whole worldview was turned upside down!

Peter first hesitated to ask his social worker why Anthony was in foster care, saying that he couldn’t bear any more pain and didn’t want to get too connected. He was sure that the boy would only be allowed to remain for the weekend as agreed, and that Anthony would have to go after that time had passed.

That was before Anthony called him ‘Dad!’ for the first time.

‘I told him he could call me as ‘Mr. Peter,’ and 20 minutes later, he asked if he could address me as ‘Dad.’ What? I had no idea what his last name was, but he wanted to call me ‘Dad.’ This was unusual, since most foster children want to remind you that you are not their father and never will be.’

Because of the boy’s easygoing attitude, Peter was taken aback and said, ‘NO, NO, NO!’ He even went so far as to tell Anthony that since his stay would only be for 48 hours, there was no need to get personal with him at this point.

Nonetheless, when Monday morning rolled around and he realized Anthony would be leaving, Peter had the guts to ask his social worker about the boy’s background info.

Her explanation was short, but it was clear that Anthony had been abandoned twice before, first by his biological mother when he was two years old and then by his adoptive parents, who had raised him for years.

In his heart, Peter realized he couldn’t be just another person in a long list of people who had abandoned this unfortunate child.

In his response, Peter reassured the social worker that Anthony would no longer have to be concerned about where his food, housing, and affection would come from in the future.

It wasn’t just that he was going to spoil this boy by allowing him to call him his Dad; a few months later, Peter made it official.

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