The server takes a seat next to a lone 91-year-old veteran and is unaware of the large number of people listening to their talk

The waiter was completely unaware that so many people were paying attention to them and their conversation.

A waiter with a kind and caring heart.

Restaurant service may be an extremely demanding and time-consuming occupation. Most servers really like meeting new people, but the majority of them do not have the time and would never be expected to develop a meaningful relationship with a customer. There are exceptions, though, and one of them goes by the name of Dylan Tetil.

A simple act of goodwill on my part.

After walking up to an elderly man who was sitting alone at a table and dropping on one knee so he could hear the old man deliver his order, Dylan, 24 years old, decided to do something different. Lisa Meilander and her family were sitting nearby, and they couldn’t help but overhear Tetil’s talk with the elderly gentleman.

Our elderly are often solitary and lonely.

She overheard the 91-year-old mention that he was hard of hearing as a result of his service during World War II and that he had forgotten to bring his hearing aids with him. She also overheard him telling Tetil that he was sorry for taking so long and that he didn’t have anybody else to speak to.

He made certain that he would have time to listen.

When the young waiter returned to deliver the man his lunch, he asked as to whether it would be okay if he sat and spoke with him for a short period of time. The elderly gentleman enthusiastically agreed, and the two spent some valuable time together. It had been three months since the radiography student had begun working at the restaurant and he had never seen the man before that day.

Countless people on the internet were moved by Tetil’s act of generosity.

‘May God bless this young guy and his new companion,’ one person commented. ‘Even if it’s just for 10 minutes or an hour, it’s critical for the elderly to have a sense of connection with someone and to experience comfort. This has brought tears to my eyes!’ commented another. ‘What a wonderful young man and what a special Veteran… On this day, a bond was formed between them.’

‘He mostly spoke about his experiences during World War II and his personal life. He seemed to be underappreciated, which was a little concerning. No one around us seemed to mind what was happening between us’, Tetil told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about his encounter with the veteran.

Meilander captured several photos of the encounter and shared them on social media. ‘The gentleman apologized for not being able to hear well. He’d forgotten to put his hearing aids in his ears. He described how he had lost his hearing during his service in the war. He was 91 years old and had a lot of interesting stories to share. Dylan listened carefully and attentively, giving him his whole attention.’

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