With her charming request to Mommy, an 18-month-old girl has won the hearts of millions of people… Tap here to watch the video…

There is something special about the bond that exists among a mother and the child that transcends all boundaries. It is, without a doubt, the purest type of love on the planet.

Even if they are separated by a large wooden door, it is an unconditional and unbreakable love between the two hearts. That’s exactly what we saw in a lovely Youtube video that went viral.

While her mother was taking a shower, the little girl, Ivy, sat patiently outside the bathroom door, waiting for her.
It wasn’t because Ivy herself needed to go to the bathroom. You might wonder why she was outside waiting.

It turns out that the adorable kid was simply hoping to receive a hug from her mother.

When you’re in the mood for a big hug, having to wait for another few mins can feel like an entire life, especially when you’re young. Ivy was approximately 18 months old at the time of the video filming.

Just a few month before that, she was still being pushed around in a baby stroller and singing happy birthday even though it wasn’t her birthday (It’s super adorable).

Ivy is now able to stand on her own two feet and wander around the house.

This means that her mother no longer has the chance to escape. She can pinpoint her mother anywhere in the house and demand a hug on the spot if she is in need of one.

She will still ask for a hug even if her mother is in the bathroom at the time.

‘I want to be with Mommy,’ Ivy says in the video.

She is outside the bathroom door, with the prettiest sad eyes we have ever seen!
A few minutes have passed since they last were together, but she clearly needs some time with her mom.

It doesn’t take long for Mom to figure out that Ivy is out there. She calls her out by name. This only makes the little girl more excited. She then starts gently knocking on the door frame. Her height prevents her from reaching the door handle and opening it for herself, so she is limited to knocking and waiting.

Dad is also outside, watching and filming what’s going on.

She doesn’t have to wait very long.
Mom comes out of the door in a matter of seconds.

Seeing her favorite parent makes Ivy’s eyes sparkle.
When a child is hugged, it gives them reassurance, comfort, or even healing. Love is also a big part of it. Mom sweeps Ivy into her embrace, and Ivy’s entire demeanor shifts within seconds.

‘She literally resembles those antiquated Dollys whose eyes open or close when you lift them up and put them back.’ ‘GORGEOUS’, writes one of the many YouTube comments.

Mothers and daughters have a special bond that almost ensures they will bug each other nonstop for the rest of their lives. There is one person you can always count on to give you a hug when you need one. Mom is the person’s name.

Take a look at the video below to see how cute it is!

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