VIDEO: 15 years after son lost his soldier father, a stranger at their door tells him and his mom to come outside…

It was a shock for the boy, whose name was Justin, and his mom to see what was waiting for them outside of their own house. They both burst into tears at the same time.

Boy’s father, Justin Rozier, never met him. What’s the reason? First Lt. Jonathan Rozier was killed while serving overseas when her wife was nine months pregnant. His mother, Jessica Johns, was left to raise him alone. It was only 12 hours before Jonathan’s death that Jessica spoke to her husband, informing him about baby son.

While this story was first reported in 2017, it still resonates now as much as it did in 2017.

Having lost her husband in a car accident, Jessica was left to fend for herself and their two children in Texas. She had to figure out how to cope emotionally and financially without her husband. She had to let go of her late husband’s treasured black 1999 Toyota Celica convertible as one of her many considerations. She couldn’t afford to repay the loan she had taken out.

When Justin Rozier was just 15 years old, you can look back and see how far he’s come. Justin had always yearned to see his father and treasured the memories he did have. He had his father’s dog tags, photos, and other prized belongings, but he couldn’t shake the thought of owning something his father truly loved: his car. There was nothing he could say to explain it.

He adores the car his father adored, and he just wanted to sit in the same seat that his father did.

He was going to turn 16 and the car was the only thing he desired at the time.

Despite the fact that his mom knew she had a little chance of finding the car her son so desperately wanted, Jessica decided to keep looking. Even so, she felt she had to at least give it a go for her son’s benefit.

She shared her story on social media, and word of Justin’s plight spread like wildfire. She found the car, which was amazing.

The owner of the car was unwilling to part with it at first, but he eventually gave in.
However, Jessica now had to come up with the money to buy it, transport it back to her home, and fix it so that her son could safely drive it.

According to NBC News, she had no other option because there was no one else behind the wheel.

“Follow the Flag” is a non-profit organization founded by Kyle Fox. Because of his generosity, Kyle was able to earn enough money to purchase the car and deliver it to Jessica and Justin.
Additionally, he found volunteers to help them fix it up.

They couldn’t wait to surprise Justin on his 16th birthday.
You won’t be able to miss it when the car pulls up in front of him.

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