A woman offered a homeless man something else instead of money, and it transformed his life forever…

Ron Howell used to sleep outside on the ground, begging for money. Then one day, a lady asked Ron if he could take her dog since she didn’t want it and was anxious to get rid of it. So Ron decided to find a permanent home for the poor dog not having an idea that his good deeds would bring him good fortune.

Life on the streets is difficult for homeless individuals, who are forced to contend with the weather as well as the embarrassment of having no place to call home. No one knows this better than Ron Howell. Nevertheless, this homeless guy has shown us that even those in the most difficult of circumstances can offer a hand to make a changes in the world.

One day, standing alongside the road and begging for money, Ron found that someone else needed help even more. While Ron was holding up a sign on the side of the road, a lady walked up to him.

Ron was surprised to see a little Chihuahua dog in the woman’s palm instead of money. In order to explain why she had to get rid of the puppy, she rushed to tell Ron that she was unable to care for him any longer and had no choice but to give him up.

As soon as Ron saw the puppy, he knew he couldn’t leave him out in the cold. ‘I know what it’s like to be a homeless,’ he told Fox 13 News.

So Ron took care of the Chihuahua.

While driving down the road, Angel Janes spotted Ron with the dog in his arms, holding it in his arms. When Ron pulled over to speak to Angel about the dog, Angel went into great detail about the issue. After hearing about this homeless man’s love for little animals, a group of kind people decided to raise money to assist him financially. They were able to raise about $7,000, which they handed to Ron.

Why don’t you give Ron credit for showing kindness to this dog? Watch his story below, and please share your opinion in the comments section!

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