Parents find it difficult to remain silent as a 5-year-old girl entertains them with hilarious dance moves…

Lily is a small girl who likes to dance to the beat of her own drum. This is seen in the endearing manner in which she chooses to do her dance.

During her preschool graduation ceremony, the Ohio child made a profound impression on everyone with her slick skills, and people are still reeling from the experience.

A preschool graduation to remember for a long time.

As the video demonstrates, children can actually brighten any situation simply by being themselves.

It’s true that there’s no better time to be silly than during childhood. Our children are either shy and avoid any unwelcome attention, or they are adorable extroverts who manage to steal the show at every opportunity.

Can you guess which category Lily belongs to?
She appeared to have no trouble dancing on her own, rather than following the rest of the group.

Cut from a different type of fabric.
Instead of simply swaying and singing along with the song, Lily had other ideas in mind for the evening!

She is positioned to the side in her blue dress, which she has styled into a lovely up-do with a bow. Early in the video, the girl makes the decision that she is going to devote everything she has to the dancing moves—and the audience adores her for it.

It’s all about having a good time.
The most endearing aspect of young Lily’s performance is how evident it is that she is having a great time herself.

By nature, she is a star. Lily enjoys singing and dancing, according to Mrs. Blair, Lily’s grandmother.
She’s been interested in all kinds of arts and crafts ever since she was able to speak and walk independently.

Watch her hilarious performance here:

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