The Dance From ‘Beauty And The Beast’s Recreated By A 3-year-old And Her Dog…

When it was first released in 1991, Disney’s original animated Beauty and the Beast film caught the minds of a generation of children. You may be relieved to know that, despite the fact that there are millions of grown-up Belles who have now become adults, the inspirational power of Disney films never fades.

Even today, new Belles…as well as new Beasts…are being born.

In order to recreate the legendary dance sequence, Kaylee, a three-year-old, needed only one partner.

As you might expect, Rudy the goldendoodle was in no position to say no to Kaylee when she decided that now was the moment to replicate one of her favorite parts from the film. They stand in front of the screen, which is playing the scenario and singing the song “Tale as Old as Time,” with them both dressed in their best character costumes, and she takes Rudy’s paws in her hands.

He appears to be confused as he observes his mom recording him.
While it is true that this is Kaylee’s favorite scene, it is possible that Rudy may not enjoy it as much. Having said that, he appears to be at ease with his dance partner, suggesting that this is not the first time he has been forced into performing a performance like this. Who knows, he might be a great fan of the Beast after all!

Amazing how similar the two characters are.

Rudy has the whole arsenal! I like his brownish-blonde curly hair and his smart blue clothing, which is accented by a jaunty, neat white blouse. He doesn’t appear to be familiar with the lyrics quite as well as Kaylee, on the other hand.

‘Are you sure this is the right way to do things?’ Looking back over at Mom, he does appear to be a little perplexed as to what he is supposed to be doing at this particular moment. If only he were facing the other way, he’d be able to see what’s on the screen more easily! But, alas, it appears that the entire objective is for Kaylee to be looking at the screen. Rudy, on the other hand, is content to simply smile and look pretty.

What a lovely moment.
Kaylee decides that now is the time to lean in for that big cuddle, with Cogsworth and Lumière cheering her on. What a wonderful girl she is to have such a patient dog who will satisfy her lovely wishes.

Despite this, he gets tired!
Despite his best efforts, Rudy is soon overpowered by the sleepies, and his face cracks with a giant yawn. Is he going to be able to keep it together? Will he be able to keep Kaylee’s magic alive? Or will this Beast’s Belle become too fatigued for him to continue?

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