The girl has no clue what awaits her till her parents come in with her beautiful newborn sister… Tap below for the cutest video…

When a couple welcomes home a new baby, it has a life-changing impact not just on them, but also on their whole family. The most of the time, everyone is aware that mom and dad will be entering the house with a new bundle of joy. However, in the next story, it came as a total surprise!

Mommy Kasi, Daddy Shane, their biological daughters Raygen, 11, and Harper, 6, as well as their two handsome adopted boys Titus and Elliot, were all members of the Pruitt family in 2017.

During a hot summer day, Mommy Kasi arrived at the house with a small surprise for the family. While entering their house with a newborn baby girl, Kasi’s younger daughter exclaims: ‘Are you kidding me?’.  In the beginning, Raygen is surprised as well, but as soon as she sees the lovely newborn for the first time, she breaks into tears of genuine love and delight. She was the 7th member of the Pruitt family, and the youngest of their children who had been adopted.

Raygen and Harper had been preparing to adopt a child for almost ten months, and they were both enthusiastic about the prospect of welcoming a new member to their family. ‘They would constantly ask as to whether or not I had received a call,’ Shane said to ABC News. ‘When will our sibling be able to join us?’ ‘And they were obviously looking for a sister.” However, on the day the video was shot, the girls were completely unaware that their desire of having a baby sibling had come true! Shane, in fact, was the one who shared the video on Twitter. The video went viral, and many people were captivated by the expressions of the two girls. They were sincere, genuine, and overflowing with happiness. It was love at first sight, and it was insanely beautiful to see!

‘Our kids had no idea,’ Shane Pruitt told ABC News. ‘An adoption call came a day before the famous video’, the dad told Inside Edition. They were both overjoyed! Who wouldn’t? A new baby is always a gift. The following day they met their lovely newborn daughter. But not their kids… They wanted it to be a surprise so the kids wouldn’t be disappointed. The same day, Kasi and Shane got out early, returning with a new family member.

They decided to take pictures before entering the home to remember this special event. The video has 1.4 million views and continues to stir hearts worldwide. The video was meant to be their adoption announcement, but who knew it would go viral? They are a beautiful family of 7. They want the world to know how adoption has made their family stronger and more loving. Watch the girls’ amazing reactions in the video below as mom enters with a new sister. Be prepared with a box of tissues!

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