Watch How A 3-year-old Child Masterfully Controls A Horse: Unbelievable Video…

Some people believe that the tie formed between a girl and her horse is one of the most precious relationships on the planet. The evidence for this is clear in this incredible movie, which depicts the relationship and gentle compassion that develops between a three-year-old girl and her 16 and a half hand horse.

Sianna is a sweet young girl who has grown up in a horse-friendly environment. Her mother explains in the video description that Sianna’s horse has become lame, and as a result, she has formed a bond with Cessna, the horse that her father owns.

Sianna has been collaborating with Cessna, a six-year-old Thoroughbred Draft Cross Mare. Cessna has such a kind and patient demeanor with this strong and magnificent little lady.

Sianna’s mother takes her daughter and Cessna through a display of exactly how much the two can do together on the water. Sianna starts by lunging her horse forward.

‘On the other hand, when you lunge a horse, it will travel in a circle around you at the end of a lunge line. Lunging is a beneficial exercise for both the horse and the rider. It is a safe approach to let your horse to burn off excess energy without having to ride it, and it may be beneficial for teaching horse obedience.’

When Cessna is at the end of her rope, Sianna guides the horse in a circle with gentle tugs on the line, and the horse follows suit. Cessna knows when Sianna pulls on the rope that it is time to return to rest. Then Sianna launches herself into the air in the other direction.

‘If lunging is done properly, it may assist a horse in learning to be more flexible and balanced. It can also help the horse gain fitness if it has not been working recently. It may also be used to examine a horse’s gaits to determine whether or not it is lame. It is also possible to lunge in order to assist a rider in learning new abilities without having to worry about managing the horse.’

When Sianna has finished her graceful lunge display, it’s time for her to mount this massive horse. Her mother lifts her into the saddle, and she is in the saddle. She’s really riding bareback with just a bareback pad on her back.

She seemed to be at ease up there on that horse. She takes her horse around the horse corral in her dusty pink boots, which she has collected over the years.

Why the small girl isn’t wearing a helmet, for example, is one of the points raised in the comments section. I’m sure you’re wondering the same thing. In the video description, Sianna’s mother admits to making a clerical error.

‘Thank you to everyone who has commented on the helmet. Sianna is expected to wear a helmet on all of her riding excursions. She was riding Lady immediately before we shot this video, and I didn’t see that she had taken her helmet off until after we finished. It was really hot, and she must have placed the helmet at the entrance.’

Sianna’s spectacular journey on this great stallion is a sight to see, even with Mom’s slip-up. She walks her through a walk and into a trot before releasing her.

We can find a definition on Wikipedia. “The trot is a two-beat diagonal gait of the horse in which the diagonal pairs of legs move forward at the same time, with a brief interval of suspension between each beat.’

While that term is full of technical mumbo jumbo, it is evident how exquisite the young girl and her horse seem as they trot around the ring of horses.

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