What Does A 4-year-old Daughter Do That Makes Her Father So Surprised? Click To Watch The Video…

Maliya Kabs is just four years old, but she’s already on her way to becoming a pop culture phenomenon. Maliya is an accomplished linguist and performer despite having only a few years of experience under her belt.

This young artist has already made a name for herself by performing a cover of Selena’s hit song ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.’

Because of the more than 5 million views received on the original YouTube video alone, this tiny lady is quickly gaining a large following. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes by the time she reaches the age of ten! The young lady already possesses incredible vocal abilities! She’s nothing but pure, raw talent. The video clip opens with her explaining to her father that she is already in the process of learning to speak a number of other languages.

He doesn’t believe her, so she begins to tell him about the numerous members of her family who have all been teaching her different languages throughout time. ‘When I was your age, I knew Japanese, I knew Chinese, and I could speak 12 other languages,’ the father continues to tease his daughter.

Maliya, the young girl, had had enough of her father’s continuous babbling by this time. In response to her father’s excessive speech, the young girl informs her father that it is time to play the song again.

Afterward, she puts on a show that is nothing short of fantastic. Get this young lady a microphone and an appropriate stage, because she is destined for greatness. Maliya doesn’t require a particular occasion in order to blast out her favorite Selena lyrics because an ordinary car journey will do the trick just as well.

Maliya appears to be the ideal traveling companion. When you have a free private concert taking place in the backseat, you’ll never have to worry about being bored.

She’s even got the dance steps to go along with her endearing singing voice. Maliya has channeled her inner Selena into this performance. She knows the lyrics, the rhythm, and the dance moves like the back of her hand. She possesses a wide range of abilities!

The father’s mouth drops as he realizes what he has just witnessed for the first time. It’s hard to imagine how his small kid was able to memorize the entire Selena song.

Young Maliya calls out ‘Canta,’ instructing her father to sing along with her, but he is unable to grasp what she is saying. Maliya had to explain to her father that the word ‘canta’ in Spanish means “sing.” The man has absolutely no idea what is going on any longer!

When the young daughter nudges her father to sing, he obliges by giving it his best try. The father is unable to sing the majority of the lines! According to the evidence, his daughter’s Spanish abilities may be slightly superior to his own.

When she eventually says, ‘Que?’ then starts to tell her father “No, no, no, no, no, no.’

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