A rare filly is born to a horse… You’ll get amazed watching the video here…

When Jackie and Scott Nelson drew closer to their horse’s newborn foal, they understood exactly how unique she actually was. Located in the city of Melbourne, Florida, Scott and Jackie Nelson breed horses. It’s no secret that the paint horses that this couple breeds have a stellar reputation. For some reason, one of their mares, who they had previously highlighted in a viral video, turned out to be very distinctive.

Down Under Colour is the name of the couple’s horse property. Many of Jackie and Scott’s horses have achieved success in the show ring. Although the pair had much expertise and experience with horses, the birth of a filly nonetheless caught them off guard. Coconut was the name given to the filly.

Coconut was born with a set of unique marks that were formerly highly prized. It’s possible, based on the ranch’s history, that she was formerly classified as a military horse. Indigenous people regarded these horses as sacred and cherished their treasures.

In horse terms, a warhorse is a Pinto with distinctive markings. For the pinto to be considered, the dog must be white with a tiny patch on top of its head and ears. The marks are referred to as either a medicine hat or a battle hat. It is possible to boost the worth of the warhorse by adding additional traits.

According to a YouTube video description, the warhorse must also have a blue eye. If a medicine man is slain in battle, according to indigenous belief, the warhorse’s blue eye will carry his soul to the Gods.

When Jackie and Scott first saw Coconut as a warhorse, they must have been surprised. A video of the occasion was posted online by the couple. More than 3 million people have seen it so far on youtube.com.

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