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Melissa Blake felt she had to stand up for herself after being told she should be ‘barred’ from sharing selfies because she was ‘too ugly.’

To put anything on social media, you’re taking a risk because you’ve done it before. Anyone who posts on social media may expect a barrage of criticism. Having a significant difference from what is deemed ‘normal’ whether by choice or by chance, makes it considerably worse. Disabled people and misfits might be subjected to brutal and merciless treatment on social media.

Melissa Blake, a handicapped freelance writer, was likewise the victim of same situation. This Illinois blogger and creative writer has already seen significant blowback when she shared a political tweet with her thoughts on the subject. Of course, everything on which people might differ will inevitably lead to a debate in the near future.

In typical troll fashion, the attacks quickly became centered on her looks rather than her own beliefs or opinions, and calm dialogue was completely out of the question.

According to the BBC, Blake’s looks has been questioned in a variety of disturbing ways due to her appearance. Some Twitter users referred to her as ‘ugly,’ ‘fat,’ and even a ‘Blobfish,’ and she responded by re-posting their remarks on social media.

While most people would delete their social media accounts in response to such comments, Blake took an unconventional approach to life in general. She called out her ‘haters’ in a series of selfies. To prove that she would not be deterred or wounded by the trolls and unkind remarks, Blake decided that she was going to share one selfie each day for the whole year.

Several commenters have even suggested that Blake should quit blogging altogether because she is ‘too unattractive.’ So, in response, Blake shared a couple of stunning selfies on her Instagram account. We salute her bravery! Her tweet detailing the incident was liked more than 326,000 times.

Blake said that she would not allow the trolls to have any effect on her, regardless of what they said. Additionally, she claimed that if people tell her that she shouldn’t do anything, she would turn around and do precisely that. Blake was quickly inundated with hundreds of wonderful messages of support in reaction to the whole situation. Blake She was completely taken aback by the extraordinarily favorable reaction to her tweet and took to social media to express her gratitude to her incredible following.

This morning, Blake awoke to an interview request from none other than BBC, as well as emails from well-known book publishers and more than 26,000 followers. After then, things didn’t get any easier.

According to Reader’s Digest, Mindy Scheier, the creator and CEO of Runway of Dreams, was one of the people who noticed Blake’s daily selfie posting throughout 2020. Scheier contacted Blake to see whether he’d be interested in modeling for the brand at New York Fashion Week in early 2021.

Due to the current epidemic, the runway show was done digitally and socially isolated, therefore Blake’s real appearance was pre-filmed. Blake’s sister took over the camera and recorded her scooter ride along a quiet street. Besides his graphic print T-shirt and capris, Blake was also sporting an unusually wide, fluffy collar on his maroon vest.

Good to hear that things are becoming better for the future.

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