VIDEO: Take A Closer Look At These Adorable Triplets Who Thrive After Surgery For Rare Birth Defect…

What a pair of gorgeous little creatures they are!

Amy and Michael Howard were overjoyed when they finally got to see their adorable triplets. When the triplets were born in October of 2016, however, not all of the news was positive. Doctors determined that the three boys were suffering from craniosynostosis, a rare disorder affecting the skull.

This unusual disorder occurs when one or more of the joints in the newborns’ skulls fuse early, resulting in a fusion of one or more of the joints. An experimental technique was conducted on Kaden, Jackson, and Hunter, which had never been done before. It was referred to be a slightly invasive endoscopic treatment at the time. The premature fusions of the triplets’ brains happened at the sutures of their cranial bones. This fusion would have resulted in a severe reduction in the amount of brain development that they could achieve. In most cases, the size of a child’s skull develops in tandem with the size of the brain.

The skulls and brains of these triplets would have been strangely formed as a result of the immense amounts of strain they were under. A high risk existed that the youngsters would have suffered from eyesight and brain impairment if the unusual disease had not been treated in a timely way. In actuality, craniosynostosis is not a disorder that is very uncommon.

It was the unique set of circumstances surrounding this specific instance that made it an uncommon occurrence. The likelihood of three triplets getting the same ailment is quite low. After undergoing successful surgeries, the triplets were released from the hospital and allowed to return home with their parents after just a few days.

The triplets are doing very well today. Despite the fact that they had a damaged skull, the operations were able to significantly enhance their quality of life in both the foreseeable future and the immediate present. Because of this, neither of the boys is having any medical complications as a result of their surgery.

David A. Chesler, MD, Ph. D, a pediatric neurosurgeon, recently had a visit from all three of the triplets. Chesler is a world-renowned specialist in the field of craniosynostosis (crow’s feet). Following the procedures, the triplets were had to wear helmets that were particularly made to protect their delicate heads. Having worn these helmets for 23 hours each day for many months, they were eventually able to take them off without assistance.

In terms of their development, Dr. Chesler was really pleased with the gains that the babies were making. They don’t seem to be suffering from the disease any more. In spite of their adversity, Kade, Jackson, and Hunter overcame it and defied all odds with their miraculous recoveries. These three courageous youngsters have served as an example to others, encouraging them to never give up when confronted with severe situations in life.

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