VIDEO: A woman discovers something unbelievable under her house…

It was when Ericka was remodeling her house that a little coffin was unearthed, revealing that her house had been constructed on the site of a previous cemetery.

When Ericka Karner was remodeling her house, she came upon something that was completely unexpected. They were completely unprepared for what they discovered under her house, and neither were the contractors.

Underground, construction workers discovered an extremely thin wooden coffin with a glass top, which they covered with a sheet of plywood. An very well-preserved corpse of a little girl was found inside the structure. According to Inside Edition, the location of her remains under the garage remained a mystery.

The young girl’s last resting place was shown in a somewhat enhanced version of the design.

In order to avoid confusion about the identity of the young girl who had been placed inside the casket by accident, Ericka started referring to her as ‘Miranda.’

The coffin was discovered to be buried about 145 years ago and it was so well sealed that the process of decomposition was very slow. The purple flowers that had been carefully placed in her hair, along with the white lace dress, were still intact and well-preserved as well.

The Garden of Innocence, a non-profit group dedicated to providing suitable funerals for children who have gone unrecognized, assisted in the identification of the young girl. Within the pages of Inside Edition, we learn that her name was Edith Howard Cook and that she died on October 13, 1876, of malnutrition. She was nearly three years old at the time.

During the investigation into Edith’s identity, it was revealed that Ericka’s childhood house had been constructed on the site of an ancient graveyard. All of the graves in the cemetery were excavated and relocated to another location in the 1930s. Why Edith’s coffin was left behind is a mystery.

Ericka was able to give this young child a dignified burial only a year after she found the kid’s casket beneath the garage, thanks to a grant from the government.

Just one year after she found the kid’s casket beneath the garage, Ericka had the opportunity to give this young girl a decent burial. The Garden of Innocence took possession of Edith’s remains and organized an unique tribute and burial ceremony for her. They gave her a stunning new custom crafted coffin and buried her in a different cemetery as Inside Edition recounts.

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