A 12-year-old boy who loves woodwork has some amazing results for his age… Check it out below…

When it comes to hobbies, woodworking is something that Gabriel Clark has enjoyed since his boyhood. Whenever he was three or four years old, the 12-year-mother old’s mother gave him his grandfather’s hammer, and he has been fascinated by the craft ever since.

The singer-songwriter told PEOPLE that he has ‘always had a tremendous love for singing’ and that he has ‘taught myself what I know.’ His urge to give back to his community is also instilled in him, and this spring he will fulfill that goal by working with youngsters in Ukraine, which is now engulfed in civil strife.

Teresa McCann Clark, the artist’s mother, is overjoyed by her son’s success. ‘Gabe’s greatest quality is that he has an enormous amount of compassion. But most all, he has a large heart, and he has a lot of potential.’ Richard Clark, the boy’s father from Cumbria, England, recently tweeted a photo of his son selling his homemade wooden bowls and cutting boards to raise money for a mountain bike.

‘I’m not sure how many of you are also #instagram users, but I’m seeking for a little favor in exchange for your time. I have a 12-year-old son who is passionate in woodworking. He spends countless hours on his lathe, turning bowls and carving chopping boards, which he sells to raise money for a mountain bike of his own design. If any of you would be interested in giving him a boost by following his Instagram account @ clarkie woodwork, it would make his day a lot better. Thank you in advance, and please feel free to share!’ read the tweet from March 25th, which gained thousands of followers within hours of being posted.

Amid his newfound renown, the young craftsman has chosen to use his newfound notoriety to give back to his community. A raffle for one of Gabriel’s handcrafted bowls, which contains a blue and yellow band, was organized in honor of this goal. People reports that he stated his want to know that he could improve the lives of other youngsters by doing a tiny bit of anything in his own.

As of Monday, he has already raised £241,275 ($314,243) and on Sunday, Gabriel announced the winner through his Instagram page. ‘We’ve got a winner! Donor number 8 on page 940 was the winner, thus we can reveal that he or she is the runner-up. I’ve found a new home for my Bowl for Ukraine! Despite the fact that the raffle has concluded, contributions are still pouring in, so we’ve left the Just Giving website up until the next weekend’ The post is available for your perusal.

His father’s popular post was in response to Gabriel’s ‘bit down’ mood, Gabriel told PEOPLE. ‘I asked my father whether he’d be willing to share anything on his Instagram or Twitter. Tweeted that his ‘sad’ kid was a ‘little bit’ concerned. Would you be willing to provide your support by subscribing to his Instagram account? And instantly, it completely blew up,’ recalled the little craftsman.

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