Not only siblings, but twins that are very rare in nature… Check out the video about these mysterious children here…

Judith Nwokocha was overjoyed when she discovered that she was pregnant after an eight-year battle with cancer. Through in vitro fertilization (IVF), the 38-year-old Nigerian-born photographer from Calgary became pregnant with her husband, who is also black, and subsequently realized that she was in fact pregnant with two children.

Her baby’s development rate slowed as her pregnancy proceeded, and she was cautioned that her child may have Down syndrome. Judith was induced at 37 weeks and gave birth to her twins through caesarean surgery. At 6.1 pounds, Kamsi was the first of her two children to arrive. So she was naturally anxious when her daughter Kachi came at barely 312 pounds. The diagnosis of albinism, which impairs the generation of melanin, the pigment that colors skin, hair, and eyes, was not her only worry.

She was anxious about her daughter’s development rate when she was pregnant with her, but she never imagined she would give birth to a child of African-American heritage. Judith writes, ‘I was taken aback by how white she seemed.’ Doctors informed Judith that Kachi was born with albinism a few days after the twins were born.

After learning that Kachi would be vision impaired for the rest of her life, the mother of two was first worried for her daughter and how others would respond to her. She was also concerned about Kachi’s health. According to an article for Love What Matters, she said, ‘I adored my princess as any mother would love her child, but I was concerned about her situation.’

The fear grew into grief, and I began to doubt God, asking why he would place me in such a difficult position. I was concerned about her future, about how society would treat her, about whether or not she would be welcomed…

‘I was envious of other black infants and wondered, ‘Why me?’ Why was it that I was the one who gave birth to an albino child? ‘How did I come to have black and white twins?’ I wondered.

She also said that she and her husband were had to attend counseling in order to learn to manage with Kachi’s illness, and by the time the twins were one, Judith claimed she had learned to look beyond the negative and see the positive side of things.’I saw how enticing she was to strangers whenever I brought them out. Her admiration was widely shared, and she was often the center of attention.’The brother and sister, like any twins, enjoy a strong kinship and are unaware of any differences.

‘I never fail to compliment her on her looks, since she is stunning. Because she’s ideal to me in every manner, ‘I wouldn’t swap her condition for a million dollars.’ It may be difficult for her because of her albinism, but I’m training her to be tough and overcome any obstacles that arise. ‘ I’m continually photographing her and her twin brother to show off the beauty of albinism. Her individuality will ultimately become apparent to her, and it is my duty to teach her to love and accept herself no matter the circumstances.

These adorable infants are all the more unique because of their individual characteristics.To show your support, please forward this to others who feel the same way.

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