Twin sisters give birth 90 minutes apart, on their birthday. Watch the video below…

When siblings get to know each other, they form a very strong bond that can’t be broken. Having your brother or sister around makes the happiness double. Amber and Autum, who are twin sisters, had a lot to be happy about.

It’s been a long time since Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana did anything together as kids. Each of the sisters has a strong relationship with the other, which grew even stronger as they grew up.

When both of the sisters gave birth at the same time, they made news. Sisters both had healthy babies on October 29, 2020, which happened to be their own 33rd birthday. Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, took care of both of them. Doctor George Vick gave birth to both babies, Charleston and Blakely, at the same time.

Baby Charleston was born at a healthy 9 lbs., 4 oz, and baby Blakely followed closely at 7 lbs., 2 oz. When the big coincidence occurred, the hospital where the infants were born did not take the event lightly and shared the news on their social media platforms.

Their post included a photo of the twin sisters clutching their bundles of joy, along with the message, “Twice the sweetness and double the love!” When identical twins Autum and Amber gave birth to their newborn daughters, Charleston and Blakely, within 90 minutes of each other here at Fort Sanders Regional this week, it was a very memorable day. To top it all off, it happened to be Autum and Amber’s birthdays!

They have an extremely close relationship. Even as adults, they’ve remained inseparable. Neither Amber nor Autum went to a different college for their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Afterwards, they both obtained their nursing licenses and went on to get their certifications as nurse practitioners as a team. Both Amber and Autum have boys who were born 10 weeks apart in 2018 In spite of the fact that their babies were born with a gap, the boys weighed and measured the same.

Autum had a miscarriage her first time around while she was trying for her second child. She was devastated, but she now feels that God had a purpose for her. She fell pregnant again not long after she had miscarried her first child. The sisters found out they were pregnant from one other just a few weeks into their pregnancies and discovered they were expecting the same baby at the same time!

Autum explains that after her loss, she and her husband wrestled with the question, ‘Why did we have to go through this?’ ‘But we felt that God had a purpose for us,’ she continues. Amber recounted how she had hoped for twins but now believes God provided a better method for her kid to have a companion in a different manner.

When the twins went into labor with their kids in 2018, it was Autum who was the first to go into labor. Everyone believed things would go in the same manner this time around, but it was Amber who was the first to go into labor this time.

The sisters gave birth in rooms that were next to each other. According to Autum, the infants formed an immediate relationship. According to her, the couple “took to one another like they’d already spent nine months in the womb with one another.’

The twins are overjoyed that their daughters have found a friend in one another. According to them, Charleston and Blakely will have a relationship similar to the one formed between their mothers.

As Amber pointed out, ‘it’s the birthday gift that just keeps getting better.’

Amber and Autum’s friendship is really endearing to see. And now, perhaps, it will be carried on by their daughters as well.

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