A struggling boy opens his backpack, which a teen girl has placed on his desk, and immediately drops his head down…

If you seek long and hard enough, you will almost certainly find a way to make someone’s day.
Unfortunately, most of the time, we are lost in our own thoughts, preoccupied with our own concerns, and unable to really realize what others are going through. Sofi Cruz, a young teenage from the state of South Carolina, recently got the chance to help someone, and she made the most of the occasion.

During a Facebook post, the teenager stated how she had been having a talk with her close buddy Jaheim when he made an unusual observation.
However, for some reason, something about the statement stayed with Sofi over the following several days, even if it wasn’t very notable. ‘For the last week and a half, I’ve been arranging something special for a dear friend of mine,’ she said in her letter. ‘His name is Jahiem’.

‘I’ve known Jahiem since he was in Mrs. Dragotta’s third grade class. He has always been the kind of kid that completes all of his work on time, never skips school, is always willing to assist the instructor with tasks in class, and is generally a cheerful human being.’

Although he didn’t want to appear ‘in-need,’ Jahiem asked, ‘Can someone buy me a pair of shoes?’ he said last week. ‘I don’t like mine, and I’m a [size] 10-11.’

The girl said, ‘I’ve often thought about buying him something, but I’ve never had the money or the confidence to do it.’

However, with the support of her family and a new employment, Sofi was able to put her surprise into action this time.
Because I’d found a job and had been working so hard, I was able to put together the funds and purchase a pair of shoes for him the next day. ‘My Grandaddy was also a great help to me.’

The compassionate Sofi surprises Jahiem in the following video, which has gone viral.

‘This is for you,’ she says, putting the backpack on his desk and stepping away.

In the video below, you can see Jaheim’s response.
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