A video tour of 89 sq/ft tiny house built for $1500 by a 13-year-old boy… It’s absolutely worth watching…

Tiny houses have had a spike in popularity during the last several years. Small houses may provide you with mobility, adaptability, simplicity, minimalism, and a one-of-a-kind living place whether you’re a stylish millennial or a traveling hippy in search of adventure. For others, the evident disadvantages of living in a smaller area are overshadowed by the advantages of living in a more compact space on a daily basis. In many circumstances, living in a small house may provide a unique way of life that many people find appealing.

Luke Thill, a remarkable thirteen-year-old kid from Dubuque, Iowa, set out to build his own little home in his parents’ garden, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Luke had a minor bit of guidance from his parents, but he completed the majority of the construction alone.
The money for the home was raised by Luke by mowing lawns, organizing a fund-raiser, and trading services to neighbors. For example, in one instance, he volunteered to clean out the garage belonging to one of his father’s friends, who in turn, being an electrician, returned the favor by assisting Luke with the electrical work in his little home.

The majority of Luke’s materials were recycled or reused.
Luke’s success in being able to afford to construct the house has been based on getting items like leftover siding from his grandma, a front door from his uncle’s buddy, and many other cost-effective components. When everything was finished, he had a grand opening, inviting everyone who had worked to build the house in any manner.

The home measures 5.5 feet wide and 10 feet tall at its tallest point.
Luke now has his own ultimate teen hangout space, thanks to the completion of the little house. What teenager wouldn’t desire their own completely furnished home? Luke has set up a mini-fridge, microwave, TV, and lounge area.

The only thing the little home lacks (for the moment anyway) is plumbing.
Luke washes his hands and dishes using a huge water jar with a spout and a bowl. He must return to his parents’ residence for any more ablutions!

The usage of space in tiny houses may be creative.

A big board folds down from an opposite wall, resting on a metal bar that extends from beneath the loft steps, for example, to create the dining table/desk. The lounging area is now a workplace or dining table. He can seat up to four people at this table, which folds entirely back up, thanks to an additional chair he keeps tucked under the main seat.

Luke has inspired many to build their own tiny-homes, what do you think?

Step inside with Luke as he gives a tour of his own tiny home in the video below.
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