VIDEO: An officer looks in wonder as three guys rush from a gas station to help an elderly couple in distress…

The world may be unkind at times, yet strangers’ compassion can make all the difference at other times as well. There can never be enough good deeds done in the world, and these three gentlemen inspired the whole globe when they assisted an elderly couple who was having difficulty getting into their car.

These gentlemen should serve as an example to everyone!

Kanesha Carnegie, a former police officer, witnessed the entire situation unfold and chose to record what she was seeing. When the Griests stopped for a toilet break at a nearby gas station, they had just come from a road trip to Orlando for a doctor’s visit.

The three guys jumped into action when they observed David trying to get Rose into the car.

Without hesitation, Joc, Marty, and Freddy rushed outside and grabbed Rose to save her from falling. Marty stated what he was thinking through those moments in an interview with Fox 5 News:

‘We didn’t even ask whether they needed assistance; we were happy giving them a help right away. We saw an elderly couple having a difficult time, so we immediately helped them,’ Joc said.
Two of the guys helped assist Rose as she almost fell to the ground.

As I sat there, I watched these young guys assisting an elderly couple to my left, and I was intrigued by their actions. I got out of my car and walked over to help them, and by the time I got there, they seemed to have things under control, which I thought was pretty wonderful at the moment, you know? Inside Edition spoke with the Sheriff’s Deputy who described the scene. “It was a nice view to see, you know, I just stepped back and secretly recorded them,” he said.

After some difficulty, the guys manage to get Rose into the car, and David, who is 100 years old, expresses his gratitude.
The trio doesn’t leave until they’ve successfully got Rose into her car. Anyone who has ever assisted an elderly person with limited mobility knows that it is a difficult task, but the trio is determined to complete it successfully.

Once Rose is safely secured in the passenger seat of their minivan, the guys wait to see if David needs assistance, but he expresses gratitude and uses his walker to make his way around to the driver’s seat.

Officer Carnegie believes that the deeds of these noble young men will encourage others to follow in their footsteps, and we have every reason to believe that they will.

In a society when people may be self-centered, it is definitely a gift to have men like Joc, Marty, and Freddy, who aren’t afraid to provide a helping hand to elderly strangers who are in difficulty.

You may see this heartwarming story for yourself by watching the video below!

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