When a 5-year-old discovers his mom unconscious in the bathtub, he grabs his baby sister and acts quickly… Watch the video below…

Would you have known what to do in an emergency if you had been a kid?
One 5-year-old child from San Tan Valley, Arizona, was able to rescue his mother by following his intuition and taking the appropriate action.

He was not discouraged by any door or high switch, and he accomplished all of this without the help of any teaching, coaching, or manuals.

Salvatore Cicalese was sleeping when he was woken by a noise coming from the bathroom.
Upon entering, he saw his mother sprawled on the floor and completely unresponsive to his company. Other children might have yelled or cried out in fear, but Salvatore remained calm.

As an alternative, he placed a blanket over his 2-month-old little sister and took her into the main room. His next move was to push an empty stool into the garage and use it to reach the garage door’s control panel.

He and his younger sister walked all the way to their next-door neighbor’s home.
In the middle of the night, Jessica Penoyer, their next-door neighbor, claimed she was taken aback when the siblings appeared at her front door.

‘He’s standing there carrying something, and at first glance, I assumed it was a toy,’ Penner told ABC15 in an interview.

Penner was perplexed, believing he was suggesting that their dog had gone away. The kid, on the other hand, claimed that it was his mother and that she had died while in the shower. In addition, he requested her to look after them.

After calling 911, Penoyer was taken care of by the authorities.

The unresponsive woman was found in the bathtub with the water still running when the first responders arrived. If Salvatore hadn’t intervened, the scenario would have turned tragically.

To be quite honest, he saved my life. I was standing beneath the sink faucet. ‘If he hadn’t received assistance, I would have drowned,’ said Kaitlyn Cicalese, Salvatore’s mother, in an interview with a local television news station.
Kaitlyn had a seizure and had to be sent to the hospital.

The terrible experience happened shortly after I had put the children to bed. After a hard day, Kaitlyn decided to take a shower, which is the last thing she recalls doing before passing off.

When she regained consciousness, she found that she had already been admitted to the hospital.

When the story was told to them, the rural Metro firemen immediately acknowledged Sal’s courage.
He received a diploma, a helmet, and a patch when a fire engine pulled up to his house and a team of firemen presented him with them.

Sal was introduced as a ‘honorary firefighter’ by fire spokesman Shawn Gilleland, and he was overjoyed about his new status.

The fire department also used this occasion to speak with parents.
They said that this experience is a good illustration of the dangers that might arise while working with little children. The agency emphasized the need of providing children with clear instructions and exercises so that they know how to react in an emergency.

While Sal did the right thing, his family said that they never told their kid about these actions. Sal did nothing more than follow his instincts and ensure the safety of his sister and mother.

See how this small kid protected his sister and mother through a terrible situation in the video below!

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