When a 6-year-old starts saving money for a puppy, his grandparents decide to step in… The video went viral…

Puppies are the cutest thing on the face of the planet. Those who don’t like puppies, we believe, should not be trusted in any capacity.

If you haven’t yet burst into tears in front of your phone screen today, we’ve found the perfect video for you.
As the video shows, a kid gets a dog, which causes him to cry out in delight, it will melt your heart like nothing else.

Xander Mellor resides in the city of Springfield, in the state of Illinois. Despite the fact that he’d been pleading with his parents for a dog for years, he never imagined that anything would come of it.

The truth was, though, that his parents were covertly planning a spectacular surprise for him that he would never forget.
After making the short drive from their home to his grandparents’ house, Xander’s mother, Natalie, instructed her son to remain outside in the front yard until his grandparents returned from a trip.

She immediately reached for her phone, knowing well well that she would be capturing a very memorable event with her camera.

In the video, Xander approaches his grandmother’s vehicle and waits for her to get out of it.

When the door opens, Xander is advised to shut his eyes and extend his hands out in front of him, which results in a funny bump.

When the door opens, Xander is advised to shut his eyes and extend his hands out in front of him, which results in a funny bump.

After all this time, he’s probably thinking what the hell is going on, but he obediently steps out of his grandmother’s way and then says,

‘All right, I’m not going anywhere.’

It is Xander’s grandmother who instructs him to lift his hands up, which the little boy does, giving the impression that he is holding something in midair.

Then comes the moment of truth: his grandmother placed a little puppy in his arms for the first time.

Xander opens his eyes and exhales when he sees the puppy, then raises his eyes to his mother and smiles. Natalie, speaking from behind the camera, wants to know,
‘Can you tell me what you think?’

But it’s all too exceptional for Xander to be able to respond in a normal way. In the beginning, he says ‘I love it’, before breaking down in tears while still cuddling the dog to his chest.

The dog is the Mellor family’s first puppy, and they named him Marshmallow, or Mello for short.

Of course, the family had been planning on adopting a dog for quite some time and had carefully planned for the moment.

It’s a lovely gesture to surprise a friend or family member with a dog, but only if you or they are prepared to take on the burden.

Watch the cute video below by scrolling down.

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