A 9-year-old boy gets 9.2 million views after meeting his sister for the first time… Watch the cutest video here…

For the benefit of all, the Maltbie Bunch posts videos of their family gatherings online. With 48k subscribers, they have gained a significant following. Their movies include everything from family events to trips, games, and even news about mom’s pregnancy.

This specific one recalls the occasion of her giving birth to Harper Rose. It is their son, Brayden, who is seen in the video, who is ready to meet his newborn sister for the very first time. And he was quite enthusiastic about it as well!

He’s bringing flowers and a balloon with him!
As soon as Dad calls Brayden, who has been waiting in a separate room, the two of them head to the room where mom and baby Harper are sleeping.

Dad asks questions, ‘Do you want to go meet your new sister?’ says the narrator.

This prompts a response from Brayden, who says, ‘Of course, I can’t wait!’

He’s a nice young man.
As they get closer to the room, the sound of a wailing baby fills the air, and dad informs him that what he is hearing is the sound of his baby sister crying in the next room. Dad and Brayden make their way inside the room. Harper’s cries are quickly silenced as Brayden meets her for the first time. Perhaps she was aware that her older brother was present?

Brayden is unable to control himself.
The little boy begins to cry, and he isn’t even trying to hide his emotions. He’s still got a smile on his face, which is a sight to behold. Brayden is completely absorbed in the present moment. This is one of the wonders of life.

Mom is now in tears!
It’s contagious, so be careful. Fortunately, that overpowering sensation of love spreads, especially among family members. Their newest member has just been brought into the family, and everyone is overjoyed. Let it all hang out, fellas.

You, too, Dad!
Brayden gets closer to his little sister to have a better look at her. In addition to Dad, Mom reaches out to hug and kiss him as well. It’s a beautiful moment, and tiny Harper is just standing there, completely unaware that she is the reason for this beautiful moment.

Watch the video here:

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