After receiving a hug from his mom, a newborn who had been declared dead comes back to life… Tap here to learn more…

Mothers are often praised for being able to discern what is safe for kids. An incredible real-life illustration of this well-known saying was provided by a mom who took remedial action at precisely the right time to save the life of her infant child.

Kate and David Ogg, who live in Queensland, Australia, had been trying to conceive for three years when they finally became pregnant. Their excitement increased when they learned that they would soon become parents to twins – one boy, one girl.

The Oggs were pleased and couldn’t wait to begin their new role as parents. When Kate was hospitalised six months into her pregnancy, things took an unexpected turn. They were dealing with a situation involving preterm delivery.

The Oggs welcomed their son Jamie into the world on March 25, 2010, and her sister Emily joined two minutes later. The twins were delivered in their amniotic sac, however Jamie made no sound while Emily gave forth a piercing cry.

For Kate and David, what should have been a time of joy turned out to be something quite different. The atmosphere in the room gave the parents a hint that something wasn’t quite right with their son.

It came out that the baby wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a heartbeat at all. The doctors attempted to revive his heart for 20 minutes without success. Then, a doctor visited Kate in her hospital bed and asked as to whether she and her spouse had settled on a name for their infant baby.

It seemed as if the doctor had something important to say to the couple about their relationship. Afterwards, he told them that despite all attempts, the medical team had been unable to save their son’s life. What followed next was nothing short of a miracle, both for the Oggs and for the members of the medical staff who saw it.

Kate and David informed the hospital personnel that they wanted to be able to hold their son in order to come to cope with the reality that he had died.

Something unexpected occurred shortly after that, which caught the Oggs off guard. Jamie took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes. Then he started grabbing at his father’s fingers. This was something that the couple couldn’t comprehend had just happened.

Kate had given Little Jamie ‘kangaroo care’, as Australians call it. Kate warmed her baby’s heartbeat with skin-to-skin contact.

Despite being at danger of developing cerebral palsy as a result of his traumatic birth experience, Jamie is now a teenager with no severe medical difficulties. Jamie and Emily had also heard about the miracle birth from the Oggs.

Emily and Jamie have a baby brother named Charlie, who likes to tell people that his elder siblings were born underweight and that Jamie was originally dead but is now alive.

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