An Indian couple in their 70s becomes parents for the first time…

Welcoming newborns into this world can be one of the most wonderful experiences that we as humans can enjoy with each other, if we allow it to be so. Babies have a magical ability to transform even the most insignificant of events into ones filled with wonder and happiness. While holding a baby, we can experience unconditional love and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead of them in their futures. However, having a child is not without its challenges, no matter how magical it may seem.

After years of trying and failing to conceive, one Indian couple decided to pursue IVF treatment in the hopes of becoming parents. No matter how much it costs. Daljinder is the name of the woman in the video, and she is seventy-two years old.

Daljinder and her husband had been married for more than fifty years, and despite their best efforts, they were unable to get over the missing element in their relationship. As a result, they began looking into IVF procedures at the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center in Hisar, where they were successful. The clinic was first suspicious, but Daljinder persisted in her efforts. In order to be eligible, she had to undergo extensive examinations and tests, as well as be examined by a number of different doctors. Once she was deemed healthy enough, she was able to receive the rounds of IVF.

Daljinder’s tenacity came at a cost to the family of one million rupees, which is around $12,000 in US dollars. Daljinder explains in the video her reasoning for making her decision, saying,

‘Money isn’t important to me at all. I was determined to have my own child at any cost, and today I am a mother,’ she says.

But her patience and sacrifice were all worth it when she and her husband were able to welcome their baby Arman into the world.

‘We can’t express our gratitude to God and our doctor enough for blessing us with a son.’

One of the world’s oldest first-time mothers, Daljinder gave birth to Arman at the age of 72, making her one of the world’s oldest mothers ever!

Daljinder gave birth to her son naturally and even breastfeeds him. Although Daljinder has stated that accepting this young child has been more difficult than she had anticipated, the parents have expressed no regrets about their decision. A new baby into the world may be daunting for any couple, but for this couple it was especially overwhelming as a large amount of media descended on their home to express their congratulations to them. She explains herself as follows:

‘Arman is something of a celebrity. In the manner of that political party in Delhi, he has summoned all of the media to our home.’

Because babies are miracles, such as Arman, they have a wonderful way of reminding us of the wonder that surrounds us and lives and breathes all around them. We send our best wishes to Arman and his caring parents.

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