Officer is disturbed after stopping a teen on the street, then receives a call from his mom…

Officer Sheffert saw a teen racing down the street and made the decision to stop and investigate him. He thought he was behaving strangely, but he couldn’t get an answer out of him. But, eventually, the truth comes to light, and this officer had no idea how that one stop would turn out to be so life-changing.

After seeing a teenage boy rushing down a busy Peoria street, Officer Brandon Sheffert sensed something wasn’t quite right. Eventually, Officer Sheffert and his colleague caught up with the teenager in a parking lot after pursuing him .

Mr. Anthony Schultz, a teenage sprinter, said he was attempting to get in shape for his wrestling team when he was stopped. According to CNN, the cops had no cause to assume Anthony was hiding anything, but Officer Sheffert received the impression that Anthony was keeping something.

As part of his interview, Officer Sheffert inquired about the teenager’s hobbies and aspirations for his future career. Anthony Schultz seemed to be taken aback; it was as if no one had ever shown an interest in him before. Despite the fact that Officer Sheffert could tell the youngster wanted to speak with him about something, he knew he couldn’t force him into it. The cops left, and Anthony continued his trip.

An officer from the same department responded to a domestic disturbance call around two months after the first incident. He was taken aback when he discovered Anthony Schultz at home. In addition to his family, the teenage boy shared a one-bedroom apartment with seven other individuals.

Anthony’s mother had filed a report with the police department over a domestic incident. The situation was not conducive to raising a kid.

Officer Sheffert began visiting Anthony on a daily basis after becoming aware of the teen’s home predicament. Anthony, who had only seen his own father once before, was looking forward to meeting Sheffert for the second time. Someone actually cared about him for the first time in his short life, and it was a wonderful feeling.

Anthony’s family was always on the move. In the event that his mother were to be deported, the family would be forced to pack up their stuff and relocate in the middle of the night.

Sheffert received a phone call from Anthony’s mother one night. He said the following to FOX:

When it came to one night, I received the phone call, ‘Hey, you need to come take him; I’m unable to take care for him any longer.’

Anthony was adopted by Officer Sheffert and his wife, who are the parents of two young children of their own. Anthony Sheffert is doing well, according to his family, who spoke to CNN.

Anthony learned to drive with the help of Brandon Sheffert. He accompanied Anthony on his first trip, and he assisted him with his first job application. As a sophomore, Anthony came close to quitting school, but instead became the first member in his family to graduate from high school, earning a bachelor’s degree.

‘I had a role model; I had someone to look up to,’ Anthony said in an interview with FOX.

Anthony Schultz has shown an interest in joining the military. Like Brandon Sheffert, who transformed his life, he hopes to work as a police officer one day in the future.

Brandon Sheffert went beyond and above the call of duty in order to save Anthony Schultz’s life, and as a result, his life has been forever changed. Any police officers you know that are doing anything similar to assist someone in a critical situation? Please share your thoughts in the comments section, and please SHARE this post with your friends and family members as well.

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