80 years after being taken away and put up for adoption, a man reunites with his brother…

Bill would never forget the day his four-month-old brother was removed from his arms and placed in foster care. It took him over 80 years to find his brother.

Growing up with a sibling is a priceless experience that cannot be measured. Your sense of security comes from knowing that there is someone who will look out for you and be there for you when things go wrong.

Bill Cordes never had the opportunity to learn what it was like to defend his younger brother.

Despite the fact that he was only a child at the time, he could clearly recall the day when strangers entered to their house and took away his younger brother, who was only four months old at the time. He turned to his mother for clarification because he was worried.
Unfortunately, Bill’s mother refused to reveal the reason for the baby’s removal from the family.

All she said was that everything was OK and that the boy will be taken good care of by his grandma. Bill was concerned and considered running inside and hiding his brother in a cupboard so that no one would notice him. Sadly, it was too late to save the situation.

Bill’s mother had already signed the papers, and the newborn had already been placed in foster care.

The older brother was completely unaware of what was going on. All he knew was that he would be heartbroken over the loss of his sibling. It had been a difficult experience, and he would carry the memories of it with him for the rest of his life.

After the baby was taken away, Bill had no idea where he had been relocated or even who had taken him in as a family.
The siblings were reunited nearly 80 years after they were separated.

Check out the video below to witness the long-lost brothers reunited for the first time in years!

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