A 3-year-old child performs a lovely piano solo, getting over 21 million views…

The brains of children are like sponges. Being able to learn and maintain new skills is a necessary component of growing up.

Children progress through different stages of development at their own rate, although certain milestones are shared by the majority of those who have reached them. For example, by the age of three, most children can communicate verbally, run, hop on one foot, walk up and down stairs, clothe themselves, and show a wide range of emotional responses.

However, some toddlers are even able to play the piano!
Charlotte is a lovely girl who will leave you speechless.

The video opens with her seated at the piano, dressed in a floral outfit with little pigtails and the cutest smile on the face of the internet. Her mother is shooting the performance and speaking with her daughter while behind the camera. Charlotte and her mother had an intriguing chat, and it is evident that Charlotte’s mother treats her as an equal. She imitates her mother’s voice as well as the way she pronounces certain things, which she finds amusing.

In response to her mother’s request for little Charlotte to play the piano, Charlotte expresses her desire to sing a birthday song for her first birthday.

After hearing her speak it for the first time, your heart will melt entirely! After considerable convincing, the young lady finally decides to place her little fingers on the piano keys.

Charlotte introduces herself as a competent professional.

Because even many adult musicians are unable to sing what they play on pitch, this performance is particularly impressive. A true musician is able to sing exactly what they are playing. The little girl possesses exceptional abilities, and we are pleased to see that her family is actively involved in her development, guiding her along the proper path and teaching her some tricks along the way. Even in the video description, it is stated that she is enrolled in a music school to further develop her abilities.

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