The smoky voice of the 11-year-old had all the judges immediately turning their chairs…

Listening to all of the aspiring artists and vocalists isn’t easy, especially if you’re a judge on a highly regarded television competition show. You must ensure that you are able to say yes to the correct people and to provide constructive criticism when it is required.

When 11-year-old Georgia took the stage on Germany’s The Voice Kids, the judges were in for a treat.

They didn’t have to think about it for long before they realized she was more than deserving of a spot in the following round. In fact, they made their decision in a matter of seconds.

At first glance, the little girl appears to be ordinary. But she is anything but ordinary.

She had her hair down and was holding the microphone in her hands with both hands. At that time, it was difficult to determine if she was nervous or not. The apparent thing to notice was that she appeared to be fully prepared to take the stage and win the competition.

Everyone was stunned to silence as soon as she opened her mouth and sung the first few lyrics of her song.

Even the judges got shivers when they were listening to her. The audience members were as taken aback as the judges. They were all taken aback by the fact that such a powerful voice was coming from a young girl’s mouth.

The judges began turning their chairs in her direction one by one.

Her relatives burst into tears as a result of this. Even her little brother couldn’t keep his emotions under control. He was wiping the tears from his eyes as his older sister took the stage.

Her online performance has been viewed approximately 2 million times since it was posted. You can tell just by looking at that figure how outstanding her performance was. That is not something that everyone who has performed on The Voice’s stage can do.

Georgia’s favorite song isn’t the type of song that most kids her age would choose. It was performed by a number of different performers, each of whom brought something unique to the table.

The judges did not engage in any debate. They were united in their assessment that Georgia gave a flawless performance. Aside from being impressed by her ability to perform such a difficult song at such a young age, they were also impressed by her ability to maintain control over her rich and lovely voice. It’s no surprise that they all wanted to be her coach and assist her through the rest of the competition.

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