A man constructs an extraordinary self-sustaining island residence out of salvaged materials… Tap here to see the video tour…

Shadow, a guy who lives on a floating island, provides the rest of the world a glimpse into his home.

Have you ever considered what it might be like to live off the grid? Do you have a sense of adventure? Would you be interested in giving up your material goods and money in order to live off the land for a year or two?

Some may find it to be wonderful, while others may find it to be a source of discomfort. Shadow has been doing this for the last 17 years as a way of life.
A life in the wilderness, while also protecting animals and the environment, was his goal as he started out on this journey.

An advocate for the environment. A total of reused and salvaged materials were used in the construction of Shadow’s two-story floating island. His primary objective is to protect the Widgeon Slough region in BC, Canada.

Shadow believes that this place is at risk of being developed, and as a result, he is doing all he can to reduce his carbon footprint and influence on the land.

Shadow’s floating house is complete with everything from a kitchen and bathroom to a composting area and a floating garden on the surface of the water. He does not use money and relies only on the resources of the land.

As Shadow pointed out, one of the most crucial things to think about while planning an adventure is heating.
He makes it a point to store as much wood as he possibly can in order to keep warm during the chilly winter months ahead.

Shadow has created something very incredible. He has built his whole house out of stuff that he has collected throughout the years.

He makes a little amount of money by recycling aluminum cans. Any house could have this kitchen, and it would look great.

Take a look at Shadow’s self-sufficient island in the video below!

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